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Ola! ✋

Hi guys. ☺ Its Mellow1.

Hope you are all doing OK. Had a rough ride recently with symptoms etc etc as we all do. Had a break and changed my post name for a new start.

As Matt007, my husband said I went for a voluntary Multi Liver scan today in Oxford. Very shocked . . . full detail and colour just how poorly my liver is . I just do not want to know how my liver looked last Sept when I was hanging by a thread.

The reality hit me when I saw Matt's face. It effects us all, everyone of us.

I'm glad we went to help with research and progression of magnetic images. Has anyone else done anything like this? Not being nosey, I just would like to learn of other peoples experience. I think I will be asked back at a later date to scan again for any sign, progress of anything. Fingers crossed.

My iron levels are good and I have hardly any fat around my Liver but there's a large section which is severely cirrhotic 😢 The clinic presents an overall score of 1 - 3 I cant remembervwhat the abbreviation was, something like FIP. Any higher than 2 is very serious, i am 1.9. Consultant is sending a report and photos to me next week.

 . . . hopefully!

After the scan today I finally know what cards are on my table.


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Keep a copy of that image and report where you can see it everytime you are tempted to do something that you know deep down will impact on your liver.  Matt sounds so sad when he posts on here during the tough times when your resolve to help yourself seems to lapse.  Good luck for the future. 


I've put my name forward for that Multi Liver Scan they have been back to me but are checking details as I have two titanium screws in my knee from on old skiing injury. My husband says that titanium should be fine, I hope so.  I'm hoping it will be ok as it sounds really interesting and informative. Did they give you a copy of results or just show you? 


Hi Mellow (in the new guise), nice to have you back.

I wish that scan thing was available closer to us!  There's no way we could get to Oxford (from Scotland) but i'd love to see what was going on with my Stephen's liver & how badly damaged it actually is.  We have lots of questions as to how someone was so poorly and meeting the criteria for transplant and then having results which improved in a few months leading to his removal from list.  So many questions.

Anyway I wish you all the love in the world and hope that this scan has put things into some perspective and you might now keep on that journey towards some better health and better years ahead.

All the best, Katie xx


Hi Katie ☺

It is available to people far and wide in the UK when I asked them however they had to say 'sorry no' to people in the USA because of the costly travel expenses they woud reimburse.

That is awful news for you and Stephen. Why has that happened?

Thanks for your lovely post 🌻

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Hi, I have signed up for this scan, however Andy, the chap coordinating the volunteers overlooked my e mail, I phoned just in case it hadn't arrived, but he had just missed it. Anyway, he said I was still in time but would have to wait until May, he hoped?

Can you remember when you contacted them, how long you waited,and how much notice they gave you?? Sorry to ask lots of questions.

I'm glad you had a chance to see what is happening to your liver, and that you still have some undamaged liver. Providing you look after yourself, with matts support, you can live a long time with even a small part of functioning liver. 

Wishing you well


Hi E.

Thank you for your words. I didn't know that the Liver can function on a small amount.

Andy told us that there are 100 people to be scanned upon selection. They are conducting the scans 8 people at a time every weekend. When we went on Sat, it was the fourth week into their research.

They were really obliging as to when we went as matt is only around at weekends. We spoke to Andy on the phone and booked a date and time with him within 2 weeks of me first emailing him. It was all very smooth, uncomplicated and stress free! I first contacted him mid February.

Good luck, E

Let us know how it goes.



Ive never heard of a mullti liver scan?  Interesting.  Whilst its hideous seeing the damage i think its a good thing to actually see it and will help some people to look after themselves better.  Good luck. 

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Its still in clinical trial stage susieanna.  This post from Mike8702 a month ago gives more details:

"On Saturday last week my wife and I visited the Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford to take part in the trial of a new approach to MRI called Multiscan, (see which is designed to provide more information about a liver than a normal MRI and to avoid the need for biopsy or other (non)-invasive approach. The overall experience was really interesting and the results of the scan (which takes about 15 mins) was very informative. I am attaching a rough version but if anyone wants to see a full version, direct message me and I will send it to you via email. 

The research is in a funded project at Oxford University and it is hoped that the process can be made more widely available after the trial, which is being extended to include Southampton. They are still looking for trial participants and if you are interested, contact the researcher at



Many thanks Bolly. 


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