New liver for President Underwood (House of Cards series 4)

It is always interesting to see depictions of liver related issues on TV and episode 6 of the above has devious President Frank of USA being pushed to the top of the transplant list by senior officials. He makes a very quick recovery - looks like a few days. More brief summaries to follow if they pursue the story line.


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  • I love the episode when he is having his hallucinations,with the people he killed.

    But ofcourse he has to make a quick recovery - who would watch these series without Kevin Spacey? He has a lot of evil work to do yet.

  • You are right and I was obviously suppressing my memories of the hallucinations I had post op. These were incredibly vivid and in many ways unpleasant but stopped when I was taken off morphine. It would not be a spoiler to say that the evil Frank made a quick recovery - something all transplant survivors deserve.

  • Absolutely agree,all transplant survivors deserve a quick recovery,as well as the same level of medical care as Frank.But also they do deserve more loving and caring partners,that wouldn't abandon them for a political career however brilliant it might be.

  • Hi mike8702 I read your comment and I have cirrhosis and am starting to get worried I was just wondering how you are doing today now that another year has passed? God bless and I truly hope you are okay and healthy sincerely Tom from Boston

  • All well, Tom, and looking forward to the next series of House of Cards.

  • Seriously your putting a t v program up against a real life journey, n the program your on about is American, says it all really sorry to have to say this but cmon people get real . For one he didn't really go through anything just an act , to close to the bone for me , just sayin

  • For the person wendy007 your question about American? Answer as its set there ..simple really

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