One for the carers and other halves

Caring and loving someone with liver disease is hard and upsetting, and one moment everything is OK the next minute hurt and pain and as a loving husband it's hard to tell when the moment changes, life is a funny old game, but love is something that is powerful, and we as carers, and loved ones will do everything to make our poorly partners happy and comfortable and safe. A beautiful nights sleep is what my wonderful wife needs. Much praise to all of you out there looking after someone with this life changing disease and keep strong, they all need us.

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  • Hi that's nice to hear,yes its a hard thing to deal with. It seems like normality now all the ups and downs.Off to London today. My husband has a week of assessment to see if he can go on transplant list. Will be devastated if he cant.

  • Which hospital ? We were at the Royal Free. One of the busiest weeks of my

    illness so far ! eventually listed after a few more hurdles.

  • That's so nice to read and hear about. My husband has been my carer for a long time and I always feel guilty for being a burden. Fingers crossed though I been on an even keel last few months so he has had a break. Has your wife tried camomile for sleep it's such a good relaxant.

  • I know it's hard but the way I cope is remembering that I'm lucky to be the carer & not the patient.


  • My darling wife was my rock. My HE caused much consternation. Angie accepted all and everything that was thrown at her, I suspect she and my children suffered more than me. Now post transplant and still very fatigued, I try to return her love that she cuckooned me in. Thank you to my carers, and thank you to all of you carers out there.

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