pancreatitis question

Hi, could someone please offer there opinion,I have suffered IBS and diverticular disease for almost 20yrs,I have lower left abdominal pain most days,sometimes severe with vomiting ,but 3 days ago i developed pain down the left side of my body that's goes across about 6" towards my belly, this started like stitch pain and now is mainly painful when I press around that area,eating doesn't seem to affect it,I'm worried incase this could be the start of pancreatitis or if maybe ive just strained myself whilst gardening?

Thanks for reading.

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  • I'd suggest you take yourself off to the GP to get yourself checked out, may just be a muscular issue but with your other pre-existing conditions I would go and check. I am not a doctor or any sort of medic but from experience I just don't 'guess' at diagnosis anymore and docs are the best folks to ask.


  • Hi, I agree with Katie, but having had pancreatitis twice, I can say it is the worst pain I have ever encountered. The pain is just bellow breast bone, and is a fiery stabbing through to the back. It takes your breath away, and doesn't come and go, like labour pain or IBS, its constant.

    So I would hope this isn't pancreatitis. I hope you get it sorted and feel better soon. X x

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