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I was told I have mild ascites, they sent me for a liverscan and the lady doing my scan said my liver looked normal but slightly enlarged, she said she could see nothing wrong, can I take her word or should I not be relieved until I get results from Dr in a week, I have been a heavy drinker, and take lots of pain killers, although not drank heavy so much in last ten years, I even quit for five years ten years ago, and not drank so much in last five years, but I have drank a lot in past, was alcoholic in my twenties. I feel negative because my brother has liver disease, and I know ascites is not good, don't understand, could lady at scan be wrong

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I am suffering with ascities at present. You maybe known as melonhead but at present I have a very enlarged melon shaped abdomen.

I have never drank but do have an enlarged liver. After having a nasty turn and suffering from chest pain I took myself to A&E , they took an x-ray.

It showed looping of my bowel ! I am seeing a liver specialist next month who also deals with Gi problems.

Wait until you get the results from your could be worrying for nothing. I can understand your concern as your brother has liver disease.

I hope its good news when you go back and see your Gp. Big hugs

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Sorry to hear of your bowel problems, it's good to hear it could be down to something else, thanks for reply, will try not to worry until I get results, thanks , hugs back

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the lady doing the scan is probably better at evaluating you scan than the doctor, they know their stuff.

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That's good then, thanks

I’d wait for the doctor before getting too complacent. Just a thought as with a strong history of past drinking - even if sober for a gap of years - could indicate maybe that time of repair is slowly being ruined to an extent from renewed drinking. Not sure, but that’s what happened me. Mine was badly damaged by alcohol - alcoholic hepatitis diagnosed - and I was told it was a minor miracle I didn’t have cirrhosis as I presented with bad ascites. I then reversed much of the damage only to succumb slowly to stop/start periods of drinking then sobriety on repeat until sadly the cirrhosis diagnosis. Many of us kick ourselves at the stupidity of not heeding the warnings. Hopefully sounds like you’ll be fine but definitely take any warnings should they be given by your doctor very seriously. Best of luck. 🤗🙏

I'm sorry to hear that x yes I have been drinking more again lately but trying to stop now , thanks for advice x

I have cirrohsis and hepatitis. Was in hospice for a year. Had to have a drain put in for acites. Started to drink a little again. Gotta stop. Scared to get sick again. Got a second chance. Dont want to blow it.

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Got a question. I had hep c 10 years ago got treated cured. Been looking at past labs. Does a inlarged spleen cause total wbc count to go down. I have high total wbc count. High neutrophils. Low lymphocytes.

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Hi Ams501, I'm hoping you are well. If you don't mind me asking - what did your ascites fluid look like when it was drained? Did you look to see? What colour was it?


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I remember while having the parasentisis hearing haystack in color. Fortunately I'm doing ok now. I had 5 of tbose done in 6 months. And a drain put in for another 6 months. I'm always scared it will come back. Thanks for listening.

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So glad to hear you're doing ok now.

Not sure. I have hep b.

Wait for your doctor.Try to eat healthy, keep carbs at a minimum they also add to liver issues if you consume too much . If you are lucky enough not to have cirrohsis count your blessings and avoid drinking. The liver can repair itself to an extent but if you push it too much you will get scarring .I hope the results are as good as the tech said it looks .

thank you, yes I have quit drinking now and I am on a diet cause I have am overweight, so I am cutting out carbs too x I hope so too x

I never heard any results from scan, it's been over two months now, going to put it out my mind until after Christmas, try to find out in January, still cut right back on alcohol, I am dieting and seem to be losing weight, quitting drink for good in January going to try x

its been over four months now and I still have not found out results from scan, my gp knows nothing about them, I have been told to find out who referred me for the scan and to ask them :( I am starting to think I do not really wish to know for the time being, I guess I will find out soon enough if the ascites gets worse, I keep putting off contacting them for a while, too much on my mind at the moment

I had to go to hospital I had stomach pains and they told me I have a urine infection, gave me anti biotics, while I was there I asked for ultrasound results, the dr told me the scan had shown up no ascites or liver disease, but I have a slightly enlarged liver, he told me they must have made some mistake, dont know what to think, still quitting drink and taking painkillers x

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