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Ascites drain

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Hi, I am new here and have joined to get advice and support for my husband who has liver cirrhosis. He had his first drain of ascites a week ago, he is taking 200mg direutic, he was hoping to regain his appetite as needs to build up strength for liver transplant assessment in 3 it normal to have a surpressed appetite and feel nauseous at the thought of eating? Thank you for your support

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Yes, it’s a problem and trying to eat is a struggle. I was end stage decompensated. Try and drink the nutritional drinks and eat protein, eggs are good and easy to eat. Little and often, you should have received dietary advice, try hard to follow it.

Good luck with the assessment, hopefully things will be good.

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Thank you, he is hoping to see a dietician next time he is in hospital.

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It is worth looking here, whilst you are waiting to see the dietician.

Hi TillyTeal, I didn’t have my ascites drained it went eventually with meds but I still didn’t gain my appetite and when I ate I just felt full and sickly. My consultant explained it to me like this, none medical speak. “Your liver is full that’s why it pushed out the fluid, it is tired. Imagine if your job was to pass an apple to 100 people a day and that was fine, it’s light, it’s really easy, then your boss said ok, you now need to pass a sack of 30kg of rice to 100 people a day. Your arms and body couldn’t do it, you would be tired and want to give the sack back. That is what your liver is doing. When you stop you need to rest your arms and body, just as the liver is doing without the alcohol.” (in my case alcohol)

He said to eat very very small but often, each meal the size of a small apple to start with.

But please just to add, this was advice to me about how to eat to help my liver and decrease the fullness and nausea feeling. The little and often worked, it took time but the feeling of hunger pangs came back and the fullness subsided mostly. In your husbands case, depending on the situation it may be different so please check with the doctor.

I hope you can get him back to eating near to normal again, I must say my husband helped me immensely with regard to food. You probably don’t realise but you will be an absolute treasure to him. All the best to you both 🌻

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Thank you

Hi Tilly, and welcome to the forum. It is quite normal to have a suppressed appetite when suffering from cirrhosis. A poorly liver can only store enough energy for 2 hours and so it is important to eat little and often. I was told 6 small meals a day and I believe now that some people have been told 7 meals. It's important to eat healthily. Eat plenty of protein and also carbohydrate. When the body is short of energy it will start taking energy from muscle and so it is important the the last meal at night includes plenty of carbohydrate because that is the longest stretch that people normally go without food, between supper and breakfast. It's important to try to do some exercise too as this will help retain muscle strength .walking is a good exercise and may also help to increase the appetite. I received a lot of dietary advice and helpful leaflets on these subjects at assessment. Hope all goes well at assessment. Very best wishes. Alf

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Thank you for your replies, they have been very helpful, will start doing the little and often meals

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Also drinking plenty of water is good as it helps to flush toxins out of the body. I found the bottled flavoured still water was good. Not quite so boring as plain water as it comes in lots of nice flavours.

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Thank you

Don't be surprised even if he doesn't eat the little and often especially with ascites I just couldn't eat I didn't have any room for food and I really didn't want it I also hardly drank the protein drinks I couldn't face it and it didn't help when family and friends went on about it constantly if we had any inclination to eat believe me we would...

Hope assessment goes well ☺️

My partner has found it difficult to eat, and feelings of sickness. I think it makes it worse as you know how important it is for them to keep yo their protein. It comes and goes and they have prescribed protein shots to help. He had his assessment a few weeks ago and the dietitian really helped him and reassured me.

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