HCV patients should get treatment with or without cirrhosis on NHS

Treatment using Harvoni

There are some genotypes that aren't so easy to treat...but, if you have Hepatitis C the NHS are obliged to treat you according to the final guidelines published by NICE November 2015. If you are not aware of this and are waiting treatment & wondering...

Read this link:


Go to 1. Guidance. ( for treatment using Harvoni for different genotypes)

I believe genotype 2 is treated with sofosbuvir and ribavirin for 12 weeks (90%) and

Genotype 3 is treated with sofosbuvir, peg interferon + Ribavirin for 12 weeks (80%)

There are.new pan treatment drugs on the horizon for treating all genotypes...looking promising esp as less harsh treatment for genotype 2 & 3. 6 with Velpatasvir with sofosbuvir ...with or without ribavirin.


Hope this info helps

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I'm abit confused with your comment you say geno 3 is treated with sofusbuvir , interferon and ribavirin , this isn't correct to my knowledge as I was geno 3 n the treatment was just sofusbuvir n interferon . They used to treat people with interferon / ribavirin but I believe it's changed as that treatment had nasty side effects , people couldn't tolerate it .i had the sofusbuvir and interferon and was geno 3 , happy to say it cleared the virus , after 12 weeks treatment,


I am glad to hear you cleared the virus...without Ribavirin! I got the info from guidelines last year.


Still not right though


Here is one of the links where I got info from...it is dated August 2015 hepctrust.org.uk/genotype-

It obviously is not up to date on this site.


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