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Hi I was wondering if I can get a little help. I have an 18 yr old son due to rapid weight loss my doctor ordered blood test on results of the tests he then had to repeat the liver function test 2 weeks later he also had high blood platelets. The results have come back and he now wants to repeat the liver function 1 again in 4 wks time. I cant get no answers from receptionist ,asked for a call back from doctor and was just told a letter has been sent to me. I now have a very worried teenager who has learning difficulties and don't know what to say to him.

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I would imagine the blood tests have come back deranged, and this is evident with the low platelets. A 4 week gap would be enough time to show if things are getting better or worse or are stable.

I'm not the best at reading the results of blood tests but there are some on this forum who know what they're looking for. If you get the results, post them and someone might be able to make some suggestions.

However I think you should first wait for the letter, and then book an appointment back with the GP to discuss.


thank you I will read the letter and take it from there, just wish I could put his mind at ease as he always thinks the worse.


you can request a copy of his blood tests- they usually print them out for you and you pick them up at reception.

The link above will take some of the mystery out of what the test mean. Also, you can use it to help you compile a list of written questions to take with you to ask the specialist at your next visit. I agree with Rodeojoe's advice.

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I wouldn't wait for the letter. I would call or stop by the office & ask to speak to the doctor's main nurse & get some answers immediately to put my son's mind @ ease. Meanwhile, I would also make an appt. with the Dr. also to discuss results, in person.


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