Calling all friends!


Still can't get to put photo next to my post name. Help!?!

Could anyone tell me how to send a personal message? Sometimes I just want to speak to somebody who's in the same boat!!

Thanks for reading and responding to my husband's posts. My family has turned their backs because of all this and my husband has only me and you guys to look\talk to.

Thanks again, it has helped him 👍

X x

PS had blood tests results back, consultant was great, understanding and smiled a lot! She said my bloods have all halved apart from 3 which are well on their way!! ☺

X x

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  • To send a private message - click on your name at the top of the page next to the Health Unlocked logo. This should bring up a drop down menu, go down that to messages and click. On the right of the page in green you should see a COMPOSE logo, click that and you should be able to type your PM - you'll need your recipients name. If someone sends you a PM you should then get a notification so you can read and reply to that.

    To upload a photo to your page - on the main health unlocked page you should have a box underneath the Health Unlocked logo which has your name and under that it should say update profile - click update profile and it should take you to a page which has a small circle on the left handside which says Upload - click on that and you should be able to search your own photos and upload one.

    Hope that helps.

    Katie :)

  • Will have a go! Thanks Katie

    X x

  • Open up Heath Unlocked in two tabs on your computer that way you can refer to my instructions whilst working on the other tab.

    All the best, Katie x

  • Hey mellow! Hope you get the picture and private message sorted.

    Hope you're OK x

  • Good to hear from you! How are you? I'm feeling a bit down all of a sudden. Crying again!

    Can't work photo, pm out.

    X x

  • Matt just a reminder to get a copy of your blood tests v important plus anything you don't understand ask GP there and then and take notes...

  • Not too bad thank you love.

    I'm a bit down too, mum has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer this week so it's been tough.

    My symptoms are still around but not so fierce.

    Bloods next week to see how things are.

    But I'm sober now since 2nd Jan :)

    Don't be down, look at the positives... like everyone here.

    Stay strong x

  • So very sorry about your mum. What I would love to speak to my mum but she is disgusted in me albeit she and her mother drank. Consultant said I have sensitive liver. Testing for genetics.

    Took my dog a walk today, and before I knew it I was gone four an hour! Hot bath as soon as I got home!!

    I'd love to meet with you!!

    X x

  • I've got a dog too. 7yr old chocolate lab. As crazy now as he was when a puppy. He drives me nuts!

    Whereabouts are you?


  • Junction 23 off the M1

    X x

  • Don,t use an ipad to insert your pic....use a desktop and just follow instructions...probably better if you don't use a smartphone also but i havent tried myself. i managed with my ipad, but, it was more hassle than it was worth if you know what i mean.

  • Your family has 'turned their back' on you; how sad. Regardless of whether people have cirrhosis due to alcohol...i consider alcoholism to be a disease...a terrible addiction...and sometimes a symptom of something else eg depression.

    You are welcome to message me any time xx

  • Mellow and hubby you will never be alone, there is huge compassion in the LD ŵorld. Here and on other sites and FB pages. Many are no and will not be critical or judgemental. Many people have found themselves in your shoes, disowned , which is incredibly harsh and sad. Sme people can drink gallons of alcohol and never have a problem others very little. Unfortunately the media and medical world do not like to highlight this fact . You are in the very early stages of your journey , it can be a bumpy road , you have eah other too, in time your shock and acceptance of our mp new life and lifestyle will come about. x X X

  • Thank you so much for your words. I am so grateful that we have you guys.

    Keep in touch

    X x

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