I would just like to thank a few people on here who have helped me through this really tuff few months I won't name you but you know who you are , when I first came on this site I was oblivious to the understanding of my recovery to be honest , don't get me wrong I was told at Q E about it but at the time I was on a lot of meds ( in one ear ,out the other ) but I found so many kind people on here I was overwhelmed.youve helped me a lot n now I finally feel like I'm recovering, still a long way to go but one step at a time eh , I look back on the last 12 months n to know I'm now hcv negative n have a new liver is amazing , I had liver failure 6 mths ago n my partner was told I had 48hrs to live n then that was changed to " we don't think he will get through the day " n here I am still amongst you n the one person I wish I could name is my angel who gave me the gift of life , seeing my children grow up being part of a family I can never thank them enough but people on here I can so the biggest thanks to all who have helped me ,stay strong ,stay well n stay the way you are once again thank you from the bottom of my heart xx

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  • Great to see you feeling more positive retwos. And yes, blessings on your "Angel" and their family. Do them proud. Your own nearest and dearest are already proud of how far you have come I'm sure. X

  • So glad to hear things are looking up for you! So happy for you. There are happier days around the corner.

    Keep staying positive!

  • very good post-all the best

  • Tidy,and heartwarming post,you are we-and we are you.Best,A bucolic Celt.

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