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Hi does anyone know a good liver and kidney specialist? just my wife nearly died last week and this is after 7 months of not drinking or smoking and doing everything we have been told from the hospital. All they keep saying is they are not sure why it keeps happening now, i have no confidence in the hospital and want a second opinion be it NHS or private but the hospital she is in now will not give me any advice or help in this matter.

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Hi; thats not good; i live in London and would highly recommend the Royal Free re the Liver; best wishes.

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have you got any contact details please




Give us a clue what area you are in and I am sure you'll get a flood of responses for recommendations.

Katie x

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Liverpool but i will take her any where thanks Katie.

thank you for any help Jack


What hospital is she attending in Liverpool? Both the University Hospital Aintree and the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen Hospital are meant to have actual liver units according to the British Liver Trust Website.

If it is one of those you are attending and they are 'out of their depth' perhaps she needs to be seen at one of the transplant centres where they have the best experts in the field.

I think I am right in thinking people from Liverpool area get referred to either Leeds or Birmingham. But, referral will need to come from hospital or GP.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Queen Elizabeth Medical Centre, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 2TH

Telephone: 0121 472 1311

St James’ University Hospital, Beckett Street, Leeds, LS9 7TF

Telephone: 0113 243 3144

If she's got ascites (fluid build up in tissues) she's possibly showing signs of decompensated cirrhosis and needs to be seen by a proper hepatologist a.s.a.p. as you know it is no good a doctor saying they don't know why this keeps happening!

Push for referral to transplant centre, that is not to say a transplant will be suitable since sadly as you've described she has heart and lung difficulties which may mean she is perhaps ruled out for transplant but they will give the best advice as to managing her condition better.

I wish you all the luck in the world, push for that referral - in writing as well as in person that way there is a written request in her notes and it's less easy to be ignored.

Best wishes, Katie xx


She is at Aintree and we are not happy at all with them so thank you very much for giving me a little hope.


How did she nearly die? What are her symptoms?

Do you know it's liver and kidneys?

Kings hospital also in London. You can book for a private consultation. I did this as it was the quickest way for me to get treatment, although I ended up being referred before the consultation anyway because I got too ill.


Thank you for getting back to me. yes its her liver and kidneys they think it was her liver first but after 7 months not drinking or smoking for her liver not to be getting better and her kidneys keep packing up with the meds she is on for fluid. and if you have an email or contact number i would appreciate it. Sorry i may sound a little stupid just find it hard to think at the min. She has fluid in tissue and lungs and weak valves in her heart now. thanks again for any help jack


Do you know if the water is due to ascities? It may be diuretics that are causing problems with the kidneys.

It certainly sounds like you need professional advice. Why are you not getting this from your gp or consultant? Your GP would usually refer you to a specialised consultant at a hospital. Its unusual to refer yourself directly to a transplant center like kings but as I said before im sure its possible, I dont know how though.


Thank you for your help. The consultant we have seen keeps changing his mind on how to treat her and keeps saying he is not sure what is going on that's why i want to try someone else.


You must demand a second opinion and it is your right.

I don't know where you live but Kings College London is excellent.

It covers a large part of the country

Good Luck


Have sent info to your message box . Good luck .


thank you


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