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Feeling on TOP OF THE WORLD!


Just had my bloods done. Was terrified about the results but had improved so much. Closer to my normal elevated but manageable.

October 30 2015: January 5 2016:

Alkaline Phosphate: 100 90

GGT: 186 112

AST: 135 106

Albumin: 30 30

AFP: 19 20

(for some reason my specialist doesn't take ALTs)

I'm so happy. Can a cirrhotic liver repair naturally like this?

Why is this health thing got to be such a roller coaster?

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The enzymes measure inflammation, or think of it as how angry the Liver is. inflammation is the enemy of the Liver, its causes scarring if left too long. The scarring left behind is a different test, a biopsy or Fibroscan is best for checking scarring. Inflammation coming down is always welcome because it means further damage is slowing down and complete stop would be great. Although clearing the HEPC would be needed to stop further inflammation.

Albumin and Bilirubin give a good idea of how well the Liver is performing its tasks.

Estiebargle in reply to Hidden

Thank you for posting. Yes fibro scan was 16.6kpa and confirmed cirrhosis.

I'm looking at a way that I can. Have Harvoni imported to a lab here in nz.

I'm chuffed.

Are you on Urso? have you recently started on Urso? Urso can assist the bile flow and with that (as Ralf 2014 says) can help with inflammation and thus help blood readings (may not help with scarring) but better numbers are....... better!!

Of course your consultant is the source of better info!

Depending on how scarred your liver is depends on how much it can recover if the readings continue to become better.......

Keep healthy! keep strong, and yes, roller coaster it is!

Estiebargle in reply to PCBnPBC


That's really interesting.. I have a spot (very small) on the tip of the bile duct. I've been waiting for a follow up ultra sound from the CT. it's been 6months your UK NHS sounds much better than our NZ health system.

Thank you.

I'm a great believer that a positive attitude is great for the health. If you're feeling "On Top Of The World" it's almost worth as much as the positive blood tests.

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