Half white index finder nail bed Top half

Half white index finder nail bed Top half

Hello I hope this message sees you well. I am a 29 year old male in over all good health. Over the last week or two I have notice that both my index fingers under the nail has turned on the top half of the nail so it is no longer pink unless i apply pressure to the nail. The bottom half of the nail is pink. The other fingers seem OK. Is this something i should be concerned about? what if this starts happening to my other fingers? Also I have had issues when urinating - one or two small bubbles an a clear Oliy film on top (faint). But i had some urine tests done and all clear so the Dr said its nothing to worry about.

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  • There is a condition of the nail bed called Terry's Nails where the nail bed turns white and it can be an indicator of underlying ill health including of the liver (but other conditions cause it too).

    However, Terry's Nails tends to be the other way round i.e. the nail bed turns white from the bottom up instead of top down as yours is (if you type Terry's Nails Pictures into your search engine it'll come up with a whole host of images). Terry's Nails has been discussed on here before and doctors don't really use it as a standalone diagnostic indicator any more and it should be looked at along with blood tests etc.

    Having said that, this is something different which is happening to your body and may possibly be indicatory of something going on. I am not a doctor so can't say what.

    Did doctor comment on the nails or just the urine sample? Perhaps worth another discussion with questions asked about the nails, it could be something as simple as a deficiency in diet or something as I say I am not a doctor. Did doctor run any blood tests? Have you a reason for linking the nails and liver since you've found yourself here with your query. If it is worrying you and if it is spreading to other fingers i'd definitely chase it up, see if doc thinks it worth a referral to dermatology.

    Sorry to not be of more help, hope you get some answers soon.

    Katie :)

  • Hi Katie

    Thanks for the reply. It kind of is worrying as its strange that it suddenly appeared on both index fingers. And i agree that 'Terry's Nails' starts from the bottom up and it is pure white almost like snow.

    Well i have a very low stage 2 CKD but the Dr said that is normal for someone my age. That got me worried but then someone said to me "if your Drs not worried why are you? - Only worry when your Dr worries"

    I have a liver function test about 6 months ago and all was fine. The Dr did mention the other day about having another blood test. So I will ask for one tomorrow to get Kidneys/liver function and cholesterol checked. I am a slim guy and eat healthy but cholesterol seems to jump around.

    I do have pain in lower back but Dr said that probably anxiety related/little IBS or Gastroenteritis, that pain is not a sharp or stabbing pain just dull.

    I just hope my liver and kidneys are not messed up from partying in my youth. - I don't want to die!

    But i suppose if it was my liver and or kidneys an they were in bad shape id guess id be in alot of pain and have other symptoms

  • Get the liver function tests done and see what shows up there, it definitely sounds like you possible need some investigations especially with the pain etc.

    I hate to say it and do not want to add to your anxiety but you can be fairly symptom free and yet be very poorly - my hubby never showed any sign of ill heath till it turned out he had chronic cirrhosis with portal hypertension and varices (which burst and that's what caused his admittance to hospital and diagnosis). His condition was auto-immune related, he's been tee-total for life, very, very slim and active lifestyle.

    Definitely pursue those blood tests and see how those go, then dependent on results you perhaps want an ultrasound and referral onwards to experts. Don't panic but do get some investigations done and hopefully you'll get answers and be ok.

    Katie :)

  • Thanks Katie will do

    I'm assuming that if liver function tests come back fine then that would rule out cirrosis



  • Im guessing your concern is terrys nails, a sign of liver issues? That doesn't look like terrys nails, terrys nails appear frosted and you cant see through them, also you have healthy half moons showing. If your in doubt ask the doctor for a Liver Function Test and get a Fibroscan if your really worried.

  • Thanks Ralph, picking up the form tomorrow and will either get my test done then or Wednesday as the queue can be 3 hours long by the time i get there. I just read about your mini binge, trust me you have nothing to worry about, try drinking 15 cans over a weekend for 8-10 years plus JD and Rum .........

  • Agree with Ralph, photo of your nail doesnt look typical of Terrys Nails. Have you had your calcium levels checked. Terry's Nails are no longer used as a diagnostic for liver disease because there are so many better and more accurate tools such as blood tests and fibroscans around. If your Liver Function test came back ok then that is reassuring and any gastric problems you have may be related to diet or allergies. i would be pursuing the kidney element. Did your GP really say that for someone aged 29 it was 'normal'?? You gotta be kidding? CKD 2 is a function of between 60-70%. I'm at that level and I'm mid 50's with chronic hepatitis and autoimmune conditions. Your kidney function should be near perfect surely? Also backache goes with kidneys.

  • Hello

    I got my results today. All is well and normal. Got low haematocrit and neutrophil but nothing was said about that told all normal so not worried.

    But the strange thing is my kidneys are now at 90 ml which is stage one. So they have moved down a stage :)

    So panic is over. Just have to raise my haematocrit and neutrophil

  • That's great news, hope you can relax a bit now. Don't know much about kidneys or the readings you have but brilliant news that this is definitely not your liver. Would still be advisable to watch your alcohol intake whether that is stopping altogether or just keeping within guideline limits. Why have a scare and then ignore it? Kidneys too won't like lots of booze.

    All the best to you going forward, look after yourself.

    Katie :)

  • Thanks Katie,

    Yeah I don't drink like that anymore, even now when i get invited out for a couple or drinks I'm not up for it! so i have 2 or 3 that's it or like last week just stuck to water :)

    Thanks, and hope all is well with you :)


  • Been having the same issue. Slightly less. More like in some areas but looks just like that, im bringing it up to Dr. Next visit. Just lef5 the hospital 2 weeks ago with some kidney inflamation. Went away though. Wonderig if its kidney related.

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