Hello all just a few lines I'm having problems with my kidneys due to the prograff n all they keep tellin me is drink loads of water , fair enough but I've got no energy what so ever due to my creative levels being up , my muscles are so weak n I'm always tired I know this isn't normal ,sick of phoning liver co to get the same answer . I really hope this isn't going to be an on going thing ,I ask is anyone else havin this problem post op also a merry Xmas to all of you n may 2016 be your year , one love

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  • Do you know the figures for your Creatinine and do you know your GFR kidney function flow rate. Are you drinking anything like fizzy drinks or caffeine that might dehydrate you, is there any salt in your diet?

  • My creative is 173 I don't drink fizzy juice or coffee n I've never lied salt ,I'm doing everything I can to keep hydrated n only have potatoes every so often ,the worse of it is no energy feeling heavy non stop which isn't good when you've 2 youngs boys ,does me head in cheers for replying )))

  • Another person on here, Kimberley, who has recently had a liver transplant, was taken back into hospital when her creatinine was out of range but lower than yours.

    I think you need to get your doctors advice or speak to whoever prescribed the prograf to check your kidney function and see if you might need to be an inpatient to maybe check if its lack of fluid (in which case they could give you IV) or if its a different problem.

  • Cheers

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