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Improving tsh and alt but feel so ill still

I have hashimoto's. Diagnosed in may. My TSH has come way down to 1.73 today which im pleased with. I asked for free t3 which was 4.4 and free t4 11.1

My liver hasnt been happy wither and ALT has yo yo'd from 70's to 140's and today back to 78. Was going to be referred to a liver specialist but GP feels referral wont be accepted as ALT has just halved. So its another sit and see in a month to see if the ALT changes again.

I have awful fatigue. Im awake for a few hours then absolutely shattered. If i hae a good day then the next i feel flu ill and so tired. My hair has been falling out a lot over a period of time.

GP is hoping that as my TSH has come down that so will my ALT as she believes they can be linked. She said if in a month the ALT has improved but I feel the same then she will refer me to a chronic fatigue specialist.

Im so fed up,frustrated and so plain tired. I cant work and hate the sitting and waiting :(

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Sorry I don't know enough about Hashimotos to advise. Re your hair though , many have found that taking Biotin (B7) has been a great help. It can't do you any harm as B vitamins you do not need, you just lose via urination. It takes a while to see the effect but hair is generally slow growing too. My hair is now very fast growing , and probably better than it has ever been , and that's also been stated by my hairdresser of 30 years. My dog had a skin condition where he lost masses of fur too, and I gave it to him , yes I did check it out. He has only got one tiny patch now, and his coat and skin are lush and thick. Use a good reputable brand, one capsule daily in the morning.

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