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Magnesium deficient?

Hello all, some of you may have read last week how I was unwell with tingly sensations all over my body and feeling anxious etc.

Anyway the symptoms are still there and burning/tingling is so horrible. I'm getting muscle pain too and weird menstrual type cramps that I had last week.

The transplant coordinator said that the last time they checked my magnesium level was in June and it was on the low side. I also spoke to the gp who wants me to go to a&e for bloodworks. I'm worried they might keep me and it is one of the worst hospitals I have been too. It doesn't help that they lack knowledge and I have to tell them everything.

Anyway is this a common problem after transplant and also if anyone went through it, what symptoms did you have?

Thank you

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I dont know if its common but I had a lot of magnesium supplements after transplant. Immediately after and for over a week I was having muscle spasms and shaking hands etc. Im sure I was given magnesium intravenously, and i had to take tablets for about a week. The tablets were awefull im afraid to say, so, so bad (only the taste because they have to be chewed). I remember the consultant remarking that they're far stronger than anything you can get in holland and barrat.

All cleared up after about a month. How long ago was your transplant?

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Thanks for replying RodeoJoe. Well I have just come back from hospital. The blood tests were fine and magnesium was slightly low but not low enough to cause the symptoms I am experiencing. I am feeling very deflated now as I thought maybe the low magnesium level will explain it.

I feel so lost and do not know who to turn to. With two little children it is awful feeling like this. I had to leave my daughter crying when I went into hospital.

I had magnesium infusion when a few weeks after my transplant. It was a little horrible. The things we have to go through!


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