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Fatty liver

I had a scan and blood tests went bback to see my GP who told me i had fatty liver but my blood tests were ok and would be repeated in six months. I have a few symptoms but don,t no if they relate to fatty liver i did tell my GP about them but she made no comment as to weather they did, as anyone else got these symptoms i feel tired all the time and fatigued, ichy skin and unexplained brusing

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They are certainly symptoms of liver disease.


These are definitely signs of liver disease you need to ask for an appointment with a Hepatologist. Don't let them fob you off it is your right to do so.

Did they test your GGT levels. Not all do this it doesn't automatically come with the Liver Function Tests. This is an important liver test to diagnose bile duct problems.

What area do you live in?

Good Luck


I agree with the other posts-sounds like liver issues for sure. Do you drink alcohol? If so you'd better start cutting down or stop altogether. If alcohol not the cause this could be

NASH so look at your diet. Get the GGT checked as raised levels couls signify biliary probems. Think your GP needs to be a bit more helpful-fatty liver is not some benign condition to be ignored although a lot of people have it. Don't panic though there are courses of action to take.

check out other posts on this site relating to fatty liver-good luck


A scan is not definitive in diagnosing fatty liver. It may give clues but a fibroscan and/or a biopsy will give clearer results. Your GPs sound like mine ie. they treat the whole liver issue with less than thoroughness. Ask to be referred to a liver specialist if you’re up to it xx


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