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Mixed feelings

Hi today my brother had an appointment with his specialist I was unable to go due to being on hols 2 months ago the specialist told me he had decompensated cirrhosis while he was in hospital since being home I have had him at doctors nearly every week with something different he has just had a eeg scan and going back to seizures clinic soon

Today the doctor told him his liver has regenerated and is good however he has cysts on his scotum and kidneys which will need a operation to remove I know it sounds bad but I am doubting what he told me about his liver his last bloods ae

Bilirubin 27

Potassium 5.6

Urea 11.9

Creatinine 169

Alt 36

Ast 56

Albumin 38

Thanks in advance for any help

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not quite sure what the question is? but if you click on the decompensated cirrhosis tab you'll see a lot of associated threads. Plenty of good folk with a wealth of experience on this site.

good luck


You don't say what the measurement is for any of the test results so difficult to comment. For example my lab has creatinine range as measured in mmol/L with normal being 53 to 115.

If your brothers is measured this way then his is high and could indicate a kidney problem and probably fits with what you say about his kidneys.

The ALT is a measure of liver inflammation, my lab has 50 as the upper level of normal, so his looks normal. Bilirubin looks a bit high compared to my labs normal, but as I say, difficult to asses with no measurements.


Hi sorry

Potassium 5.6 range 3.5-5.3

Urea 11.9 range 2.5-7.8

Creatine 169 range 40-130

Bilirubin 27 range <20

Alt 36 range <50

Ast 56 range <40

Albumin 38 range 35-50

I am just confused how only in June was told he had decompensated cirrhosis now liver has regenerated unless he been very lucky

Thanks for your help


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