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Fatty Liver and Nausea

I am non-alcoholic and a non-smoker. I was diagnosed with high liver stiffness ( 7.9 ) and elevated level of liver enzymes. so the doctor advised me to undergo liver biopsy. But till this date i haven't undergone liver biopsy. But off late i have developed constant feeling of nausea. Is this sign of serious liver ailment. I am very much scared , kindly advise on future course of action that i should undertake. My recent Liver function test show moderate level of liver enzymes may be because i have lost around 9 Kgs of weight.

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It's difficult to tell in isolation. Nausea by itself could be a number of things - it's not the first thing associated with liver problems. Losing weight could raise the enzyme levels and also add fat to the liver but its better in the long run so well done on losing the weight (assuming you were trying to that is). You should try and eat healthily and get some exercise to gradually try to reduce the amount of fat in the liver and to give it the best chance to repair itself.

Also you should go and get the biopsy done though. It will give them the best information as to the state of your liver and then they can advise accordingly. With liver issues its best to know as soon as possible. I've had 2 biopsies and they weren't all that bad.


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