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can strenuous exercise flair up symptoms

I drank for 2 and a half years every night about ending 6 years ago with no ill effects. in may my mom committed suicide and I drank wine moderately for about a month. I now have a bloated belly, and skin rash. The belly could be due to overeating- which I'd been doing for the past year. I've mentioned my drinking history to my dr, and a nurse practitioner, but neither were concerned. My alt and ast are slightly elevated and have been for years but are not rising. I have ptsd, which was acerbated by my mom's suicide so I'm not sure if I'm worrying needlessly. Any ideas. Scared

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I'm afraid I can't help, personally.

However, I would contact the advisors at the British Liver Trust (see link at the top of this page). You can talk to them and get really good advice.

Have all your results to hand, and any letters from specialists, etc (you can get copies from your GP, they should give you each time, tho' I always ask the GP there and then). There may be a small charge for copying, more if they have to search for older results.

Hope you get some advice soon.

And try not to worry, it never helps and it always makes things worse.

Take care.

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Hello laura50,

The caption of your post refers to strenuos


Hello laura50

The caption to your post refers to strenuous exercise but you have offered no further explanation for raising this in the supporting narrative. What is it that makes you think exercise might cause a flare up?

It is of course fairly well known that exercise can distort the liver enzyme readings ( particularly ALT ) which is why it is best not to have a liver function blood test in the period immediately following exercise.



Hi I also wondered why you asked about exercise and then didn't mention it.

I was wondering if gamma gt is raised by exercise, would answer a few questions for me if it does.


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