How can I get a fibroscan

Hi I'm 32 years old I've been a heavy drinker since I was 18 drinking 50- 100 units a week with a few off days, but enough drinking most nights after work. I was having some pain in my right upper side so I stopped drinking had bloods taken came bk fine had an ultra sound and was told all looks fine I do have a small scar on my liver the pain went then came back after a few months I'm still not drinking but I must have liver problems as I've drank so much how can I get a fibroscan ?

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  • Hi Kevinplus,

    If you google firbroscan you find several places that do it. I used the one in Bristol, which I found helpful. I was given the results straight away and alcohol counselling is also offered, if required. It cost me £350.00. If you look at Related Posts to the right of the screen there is information on fibroscans.

    Best wishes, Sioban.

  • Thanks for getting back to me £350 for sleep at nights seems a bargain

  • Request a referral from your gp to a liver specialist. ; Heptologist. Then ask for a fibroscan. Good luck. At least so far your results are positive. But the fibroscan is good and very quick. Non invasive. Measures stiffness and fat re liver. And is indicator of cirrhosis re scoring.

  • Thank you for answering me I will try asking my GP but have read the won't unless you have bad blood results. Which I think is stupid

  • I would insist on it. You can't always rely on blood test results alone anyway really.

  • Hopefully it won't cost you anything. I live in London and my Hospital had a fibroscan machine. It's free on NHS.

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