Can an enlarged spleen cause pain under left arm?

I have a rare condition of the spleen- SANT- basically a benign vascular mass . Schlerosing Angiomatid Nodular Transformation of the Spleen. It was diagnosed when scanning the gut. I am not ill but the surgeon wants to remove it as a precaution. It is being monitored but the surgeon wants to remove it - I would prefer to keep it if possible.

Recently I have had pain under my left shoulder blade and under left arm. Does anyone know if this could be related??

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  • Could be spleen or pancreas giving referred pain in those areas. When you say under left arm do you mean in the armpit or down under the rib cage.

  • both actually Bolly

  • Have you checked if the armpit pain is swollen lymph glands?

  • yep- not swollen :)

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