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The War of the Ted Socks

Just thought I'd share a poem I wrote whilst on the ward recovering from my transplant surgery. It is based on experience... I do hope you enjoy...

There's a war going on between doctors and nurses

And you're stuck in the middle avoiding their curses

It's about wearing ted socks and whether to put them

On legs that are fat with water and swollen

The doctors say 'wear them! Or you'll get a thrombosis'

The nurses shake heads at the doctors neurosis

'His legs are still swollen both pitted oedema'd

Get them off him right now! You doctors are just mad!'

All day long this goes on without a respite

As you listen on ward to this terrible fight

The doctors go round and the nurses they follow

'Put them on!' 'Take them off!' Are the cries that still echo

One day doctors will realise they are losing this fight

Over ted socks on legs that are swollen and tight

And they know in the end that the nurses will win

And this war will be over there'll be peace once again.....

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Very good!!!

I hated them damn things. So I'd take ANY opportunity to take them off.

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love your poem nutrimar...these socks can be a pain lol

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Ha ha ha so true but I had everyone telling me to put them on but I kept saying noooooo are you having a laugh they wont even go over my big toe lol. I won in the end but they kept trying bless them. Great poem.x

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Brilliant, I didn't have wear after transplant (yippee) but remember mums after hip replacement

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