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Things are so different

Maybe some of you read my first posts. OK, to keep the story short. Last December I lost my flying medical because the doc saw my LFT results and having a high ggt he saw only one thing, he said I had alcohol issues. I tried to explain the results had been high but stable for years but no, in his eyes I was an alcoholic.

Anyway after a few visits with specialists at the aviation authority I was beginning to believe the bullshit myself even though I knew it couldn't be alcohol related. Last week I saw a liver specialist and spent 1k on blood tests and 1k on all sorts of scans. Know what? Yesterday I find out my liver is absolutely fine!!! I've been led to believe for years that my younger years of excess have taken its toll. Nope. Guess what it is yet??? I have 4 very large gallstones !! Liver has no signs of any distress at all and it's been checked twice because I didn't belive the first scans. The radiographer even said she wished she had my liver! ( maybe she was related to Hannibal?)

Anyway, long and short of it is that I'm having my gallbladder removed. See surgeon wed eve. So please, just because you have high LFT results, just make sure you have a scan which also looks at the gall bladder. I'm one of the lucky ones but I've lived with worry for many years.

Stay well

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WOW, how about that then! congrats!

why didnt they scan you before?


I had been scanned about 7 yes ago and because that scan showed fatty liver, they put 2+2 together and got 5. Oh it must just be getting worse. Etc etc anyway, no sign of fatty liver (have been taking n-ac for a while now. Clean diet. No alcohol anyway for 8 months nearly. But gallstones it is.


Yes, that's good news. (I think).

I also had trouble trying to convince consultants my cirrhosis wasn't due to alcohol. I ended up in hospital and unbeknown to me half the med's I took were for detox, even though I hadn't drunk a thing for about 6 months, and even then only socially.

It wasn't until my biopsy results came back, that I anyone thought it might not be alcohol. Not that my treatment would or should have been any different but it can be used as a bit of a stick to beat you with.


Firstly congratulations on going with your gut. I've had high GGT for eight years but never drunk alcohol and had similar issues with doctors. My scans also showed totally clear. Sadly they checked a little bit more with a biopsy. Then it was NASH. Flip. I agree that too much none belief of GGT and alcohol consumption.


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