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hello , just introducing myself. i,m 43 yr old male with cirrhosis of the liver and scarring of the liver. In 2013 i took ill and after admitting i drank lager nearly everyday i was rushed in to hospital , two days later i was in the ICU and afew days later something went wrong and i was put in a coma for 3 months. I came out of it and finally got home and havent touched a lager since. I wanted to join so i could talk to people who know what i,ve been through and what i am still going through. I am still under the liver clinic at the hospital but i only go there every 6 months.

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  • What happened that they put you in a coma, it was a long time, I have cirrohiss had massive GI bleed in. 2013 but just wondering what happened to you Annette

  • .my liver started to shut down , wich triggered my lungs to fill up with fluids. They had to drain my lungs , put a tube through my neck to breath, I had tubes and pipes coming out of me and they had to bring me back three times. so they put me in a coma to work on me i think.

  • Oh gosh you have been through it, hope things looking better for you now


  • Thanks angse.

  • Wot an ordeal, how you doing now, you on any meds, what have they said about your liver scarring ie fibroscan etc? Do you feel every 6 months is often enough ?although it does come round quite quickly doesn't it. Hope you continue to improve.

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  • Welcome to the site mac43, sounds like you went through the ringer pal. How are you doing these day's without the lager. 6 monthly scans is about right if you are feeling better,ie if you have no ascites or encephalopathy. Are you on any meds. There are loads of people who can help you out on this site. If you have any questions fire away. Again welcome!

  • Yes they put me on furosemide and amlodipine, multi vitimans. After all that further tests showed i had developed severe osteoporosis, so i,m on more tablets for that too. In regards to your question about lager. Since the day i came around, i have,nt been bothered about it at all. ( thanks to you all for the nice welcome. )

  • Well done for stopping the lager mac! That hopefully will stop any more damage occurring in the liver and your 6 monthly checks as Scotty says are about right. The liver can regenerate but once you have scar tissue that can't. There are many people around who have pretty damaged livers but living full and happy lives. So get on and enjoy the rest of your life now!

  • Thank you.

  • Forgot to add mac that I have also been diagnosed with osteoporosis and am on tablets and so far so good after the first week of meds.

  • I,m walking with a stick now, and my back is knackered. I,ve been told hydrotherapy is the best exercise for me but its so expensive. trying to get it on the nhs is really difficult.

  • Mind if I ask how much and how long you were drinking? I assume you developed it at 40-41,which seems young.

  • I always liked a pint. After work straight in the pub weekends pubs and clubs. But i suppose it got worse after around may 2006. I had an accident were i broke my leg pretty badly ( i,ve got 14 titanium rods and a metal plate holding my leg and foot together) and it took me almost a year to walk again so i was drinking in the house. Over time it just became normal to drink lager most of the day. I have found out since i was using the lager to cover up personal problems i,d been having for years before. So i,d say i was drinking about 12- 16 cans on average a day , probably more at the weekends.

  • Dang, I been drinking 8 a night for about 10 years. Scared to go to the doctor, can't afford it anyway as it would cost a few hundred dollars just to get bloods.

    I don't have any symptoms...but hearing stories like yours scares the shit out of me. I hope you are well and taking care of yourself.

  • Thanks ryan, look after yourself

  • hi there! I'm new too! so welcome to us both :) I decided its time for me to get some it stands now, unless I meet other people on the transplant list, etc. while I'm in hospital or at my bi weekly drain sessions..there's not a lot of folks to talk too. Although, at Addenbrookes, I am getting such great treatment and specialist call me and check on me all the time..its pretty amazing! I'm also a member of a 12 step program and have been for nearly 7 years. :) Cheering you on!

  • I hope your ok kimberly, sorry to hear you,ve been waiting so long. It sounds like you have a nice group looking out for you, I myself am not waiting for a transplant but i joined here for the same reason really, someone you can have a chat with. I have already met some very nice people on here, I,m sure you will too. I,ll be cheering you on also. warm welcome...MAC43.

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