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Inflammation of the liver

Can I ask a question please ?

Both my husband and I have been told our livers are inflamed due to the HEPITITIS A - is this the same as a 'fatty liver' ?

I've looked on google for what to eat or not to eat to help the inflammation, but cannot seem to find much, but there is a lot to do with helping a fatty liver, doctors have just said to rest as much as you can or you might have a relapse, but they haven't given much information at all, thanks in advance

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i have just finished a great free online course on Liver Disease its given me more info than my Dr ever did. Fatty liver has different stages & can be controlled wit diet & exercise. the course will explain more

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No alcohol, no fatty fried foods, No milk or dairy products

boiled vegetables, mashed potatoesare good , vegetables juiced smoothies no milk this is what i remember from having hepatitis A

Artichokes are good

There is a good leaflet about it on this site somewhere


Hi Kaz no the Hep A virus is NOT the same as fatty liver. Hepatitis A is aquired by eating or drinking something contaminated with the virus. It is what they call self-limiting and your body should clear it from your liver eventually. The inflammation in your liver is being caused by the virus, not by an accumulation of fat. While you are infected give your liver lots of TLC, no alcohol, no over the counter meds if possible, a good diet with low fat, low sugar, as few convenience foods as you can. Be thorough with your personal hygiene if you are still positive, as you can pass it on.

Fatty liver is a build up of fat in the liver. It usually comes on slowly due to a mixture of causes:- could be diet, could be weight of the person, could be diabetes, could be long term medication putting a strain of the liver.

However ALL liver damage causes similar side effects, that is often where the confusion arises.

For the whole of life, not for a short time while your liver is struggling, its worth switching to a healthy diet. The British Liver Trust have a leaflet on diet if you check out their website.

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For more information on Hepatitis A the British Liver Trust publications are all free to download here: and the dedicated Hep A leaflet has information about the virus, treatment and what you can expect.

I hope the information is useful.

If you and your husband have both been infected with Hep A it is worth your local health services trying to find the source as it could represent a significant public health risk. The incubation period of the virus can be anything between 2-6 weeks which can make identifying the cause difficult but they should certainly be trying. Can you think of any time in the past 6 weeks (or longer depending on when you discovered you had the virus) that you might have swum in dirty water (with sewage present) or eaten food that may have been washed in dirty water? These are the 2 main causes though as i said it can be hard to pinpoint an exact moment.


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