Liver pain constant

So for the past year it's uncomfortable to sleep on my right side almost feel like I'm laying on a rock. When I push on my right quadrant it feels like it's bruised and wraps around to the back. Would liver pain be constant what does it feel like? When my doctor felt my liver she said it felt fine gallbladder normal don't know what else would cause this pain besides the liver

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  • my husband has the same pains and hes got 2 urnies

  • What's urnies?

  • I have similar symptoms and I have polycystic liver disease. Ask your doctor for an ultrasound as they will be able to tell right away if you have any cysts. I hope you are taking sufficient pain killers. Good luck on getting an answer.

  • I had 2 ultrasounds which came back clear. But it's definitely in the liver area

  • Have you been referred to a hepatologist yet?

  • No with 3 normal lfts expect bilirubin and 2 normal ultrasounds my Dr said not to worry about my liver

  • Ask for a second opinion - GPs are not specialists. My liver function is normal too. I was told for years I had a few cysts but it was nothing to worry about and then pretty much overnight my liver was 2-3 times the normal size and covered in cysts like a bunch of grapes. It is often rock hard too and I constantly look pregnant. At least you know your ultrasound is clear but I would still push for a 2nd opinion, which is your right as something is obviously wrong.

  • Yes I have same pain on the right side I going for an liver scan Sunday I mention it to them

  • Yes I have same pain - sometimes worse in morning but seems to subside during the day. I'm having ultrasound soon - but maybe it's related to gall bladder but it's not like any gallbladder attack I've had before and in wrong place - it's strange.

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