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Hi, any advice appreciated. Have a very diffuse fatty liver. Do not drink alcohol, teetotal.

I am having crippling pain under my right rib. I paid to have a private ultrasound which confirmed above.

GP just filed report.

Really what I am trying to find out is it normal to have severe pain? I know the pain comes from around the liver. Question is do I just try and put up with the pain? ALT is slowly rising.

Have been back to GP but he doesn't do anything.

I have Gilbert's syndrome with elevated bilirubin. This changes stool colour when elevated. Also had gall bladder out about 15 years ago

Just not sure how much longer I can put up withe pain. Use to come and go but now constant.

Thank you anyone for any advice.

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I have NASH non alcoholic steato hepatitis. Fatty liver also. I also have sphincter of oddi. This was determined by tests and this is what causes me pain.I wonder if yours is connected and has nothing to do with NAFLD.Just a thought


Dear rosie97,

I am sorry to hear you are in s much pain and that your GP is being less than helpful. Do you see a specialist for your Gilberts?

If you have fatty liver and your ALT is rising ask you GP to refer you to see your local liver specialist, either a Gastroenterologist or a Hepatologist, they cannot refuse.

They should not just ignore or leave it as without specialist advice it may get worse. If nothing else they should be trying to help so that you are no longer in pain.

If you have no luck with your GP, I would ask to see another or change GP surgeries.

Kind Regards

Sandy Forsyth

Patient Support and Information Manager


Hi Sandy, no I don't see anyone for my Gilberts. I was admitted a few times in the last with extreme pain years ago. They always put me on antibiotic drips until the bilirubin came down. Then they sent me home.

They told me it is common and doesn't cause any harm. But I know that I get terribly itchy, stools turn yellow, get fatigued. They said you just live with it! Would the Gilbert's cause my platelets to be dropping as well?

Thanks for all your advice Sandy.


Has anyone tested you for pancreatitis,I have pancreatitis and get a lot of pain in that region. Might be worth asking for a blood test for the level of amalais.


Thanks everyone. Have to admit I am rubbish at speaking up at the DRS! I have other conditions and always think the Dr must think , oh something else. So I tend to put up with it, but am struggling with this. Been this morning for some private blood tests. If ALT is raised again and platelet levels are continuing to drop. I will have to pluck up courage to see the GP again.


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