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Hello everyone, thanx again for your kind words of support, and direction in this mine field of Hep C.I have asbloatedto join the nomads forum, Im just waiting for a confirmation email before I can log on.It certainly seems like a place with a wealth of knowledge.

Although, Im generally not feeling too bad physically speaking, however, All day yesterday my stomach has been bloated, I find it very hard to pass urine, hard work standing there pushing, nothing comes out ? I feel tired really tired all the time, I try pushing past the feeling, but Im always dragging ? My energy levels are terrible, Im not a fan of energy drinks, and limit the amount of tea and coffee I consume, any ideas peeps ? Anyway, Im waiting for my 10 year old son to come home, he has been on a young carers weekend, where they spoil them rotten in Bournmouth, he deserves it, he looks after his old dad every week, so I hope he has had a good break, but Im looking forward to seeing him.Hope you all have a good weekend, getting geared up for another week of fighting doctors, nurses, and their respective places of work for treatment, wish me luck.And thanx again for all your support. Si.

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Suggest you get the urination problem checked out. As its the weekend/bank holiday suggest you get in touch with out-of-hours doc or go to a walk in centre if you have one. Are you drinking plenty and still having trouble going to the toilet?

Over the years I too have had problems with getting the correct treatment/monitoring and have had to deal with GPS and numerous different hospitals, different departments of the NHS etc. Frustrating though it can be I found the best way was to become my own 'expert' patient. I kept a file of letters between my doctors, copies of blood tests, kept all my appointment letters with dates of scans, tests etc. Took this round all appointments with me so everybody was 'in the loop'. Never complain, always be politely assertive and effusive with your thanks when things go right. Chase chase and chase again but do so politely with a sensible and calm explanation as to why you are chasing. Stay calm, be polite, smile. People respond to that positively and you will get somewhere. Don't 'fight' the system or the workers within it, its bigger than you by far and though it trundles along slowly and makes mistakes the bonus is its FREE! Last thing doctors, nurses, receptionists etc respond to well is a grumpy old sod - it spoils their day and makes them unlikely to be nice back. Grit your teeth and smile smile smile!


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