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Hepatits B

before my viral load 18,000 after ETV treatment my viral load undetectable dr advice me you take ETV life time. life time but why?? when my all serology report negative i am only HBS antigen carrier do you agree hepatitis b immune control phase patient will lead to immune escape phase Or HBS antigen loss and can you explain what is term echogenicity in ultrasound. liver cirrhosis??

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I am sorry but I don't have the knowledge to help you apart from to say that if it is the continued taking of those tablets that is holding your health then yes keep taking them.

I really suggest you speak to a medical professional for specific advice on thi.

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You MUST take your anti-virals every day for the rest of your life. The medication is suppressing the virus, it has not killed it or removed it from your body. It still has the ability to replicate. If you miss even one dose you risk the virus coming back.

I am on Tenofovir and make sure I take my tablet every day. I had a much much lower viral load compared to you - only 130 at the highest - and have been undetectable for about 3 years. But the HBV virus gave me liver cancer and no way will I miss even one dose. I recommend you do the same. Good luck


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