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hi all well got my 12 week bloods in today for the viral load and it didnt work sof declat and riba cant beleave it totally pissed off just feel like going out and well you know what but cant do it to my family and myself fought this disease so hard it hurts i think i was better off when i pretended nothing was wrong with me anyway just found out earlier today and the last 4 weeks it had started to climb a little again while i was still taking the meds so thats that just have to see what the future holds for me i did say to my consult before i started the drugs how hard was mine to shift geno 3a and was told it was one of the harder ones also that the cirrociss made it harder two so who knows thanks r r

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  • Ricky, I have been wondering about you and now what I have just read I am sorry. Ricky I see you do have family support, thank goodness! I really do know how you feel. I keep reading how nobody seems to have side effects from H and R (except the ones mentioned) and now having had my treatment, I feel I am a different person now (not in a good way).

    Did you see a nurse today when you got your results? What does the hospital propose doing next for you? This is 2016! I went on Interferon and Ribavirin in the 90's? And that did not work. They just can't leave you like that! PLEASE keep in touch on the forum because we do care. XX

  • Oh that is bad news Ricky..maybe they will try you on Harvoni for 24wks. .i think it's got better clearance over the 24wks...i have heard of people with genotype 3 clearing the virus on this regime. .I'm sure they will try again to sort this out. X

  • Please dont give up. They say by next year here will be even better treatment.

  • Oh Ricky 😘😘😘 (it's me Robbieswife In disguise πŸ˜›πŸ˜› - I been watching from afar)

    I am so sorry to hear this ❀️ Did you have any blood tests that showed it clear ?? Robs had his 2 week one and negative !!! But we know that doesn't mean πŸ’© So we not getting excited - geno 3 is a bugger πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“ I shall say what Drs say - there are new treatments coming out all the time so don't lose hope - thinking of you and sending love ❀️❀️❀️❀️

  • thank you for the kind words ill be fine noto worry thank you to every one else if i havent said it and thanks tatjana for always being there to talk ricky

  • and popinn no i didnt have any clear weeks i said that to tajana weeks ago cos i found it odd and also when in the last four weeks it climbed back up just dont wanna let me go me thinks

  • Hi Ricky mate,So sorry to hear this mate,i knew 3a was harder to shift but fuck me i'm absolutely devastated for you,i dont know what to say mate but i hope you get another shot at somethying different very soon,these fuckin drug companies mate...

    Hope you have family you can talk to mate or freinds.If not im here for a chat mate.

    Goodluck to you in the future.

  • 😘😘😘 hope you ok xxx

  • yeah thanks mate just fucked off with it all still see whats next and go from there i just wish they had listensed when i said about having harvoni instead of the d/clat sofb riba combo still they know best there doctors?? all the best and hoping your all good

  • Hold on in there mate my geno was 3 as well n I didn't believe it would be beaten , but it was I couldn't believe it I had cirrhoses as well through hep c , mine was up n down while on the meds but I got the all clear , I know how you must be feeling , I've been to the same place never give up on giving up , stay strong))

  • I'm so so very sorry, I truly am. I can tell you this, my specialist said that come next year, they have new drugs coming out that will make the Harvoni disappear. Supposedly the new ones will cover all genome types. Genome 3 is the one that just does not seem to respond to the harvoni. Sighs.

    Again, I am truly sorry for your bad news..

    Thinking of you,


  • thank u and i hope there will be a new one makes u wonder though these now were meant to do the 3a thanks again

  • I am sorry. I did Interferon and Ribavarin in 2004 for an entire year, it ruined lots of my health and did not kill the virus. In 2014 I did Olysio and Salvaldi, new test drugs before the ones you just were put on. They killed the virus but I now have liver cancer I live with. Some of us, there is a documented population of some of us getting cancer with the second treatment, its a small percentage and I fell into it suddenly. I am thankful it is one tumor and is still encased and not spreading but the size of the tumor is growing. Its astonishing how we manage to rise above every obstacle put in our way from this disease. I do not want to die regretting I have this disease so I just live with it one day at a time or one morning at a time then mid day then night then repeat the next day cause I am still alive and that makes me happy. I think you will rise again. I was geno type 1, its the most difficult. Honestly I do not feel that I have cancer. But my first treatment made me fight to live so now I spend my time exercising or resting and I do have a few daily chores. No one thinks I am ill. I am 64. You could just be in a state of shock and next you will rise again and enjoy your life. Best Wishes. Aloha

  • thanks for the thoughts im a bit like yourself done interferon twice back in the day but to no avail now this the same but like you i do try and get on with it only thing now is i cant do a days graft without it half killing me so had to knock that on the head but ive had it a lotta years so its just another set back to overcome all the best for the future my friend take care r. r

  • Hi rickyrocket

    Are you going to continue for 24 weeks ? There is new treatment by Gilead right now that looks very success treating your genotype. I am sending you the link keep scrolling down the page...GS5816 by Gilead looks promising


  • ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/265...

    This is further info on the new GS5816 ( Velpatasvir) used in with sofosbuvir should be getting FDA approval


    There are other new generation drugs being developed and trialed out there that may off a simpler, more tolerated cure for your genotype....hang in there...I know I will be devasted if my treatment does not clear my HCV later this year... It is so hard not to let it take over your life.

  • thanks art no they gave me a 12 week course gotta talk with my consult tommorow

  • Sorry to hear that. I hope when you chat with your consultant they put you on for 24 weeks. They should as it is just a waste of money if they leave it now. Geno 3 can be cleared. I am proof was on Harvoni and Riba - 12 weeks. Good luck and stay fighting. :)

  • thank you hopfully they will

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