Hubby at kings

He has been there for a couple of hours and so far i am not to impressed,he is diabetic and hasnt eaten since lunch time and they gave him bit of cake he asked for the window to be shut but they cant do it its jammed open apparrently and then there is his bed it is thay high his feet dont touch the ground,it seems like they have just shoved him in a room done his swabs and bloods and dont want to do much else,after hearing all the good things about the hospital i am left feeling a little dissapointed,lets hope things improve.

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  • Hi Treamber

    My hospital is Kings. I had Liver Operation there. The Consultants and Doctors were marvellous. The nurses were a lot to be desired. Mention all this to hubby's Consultant. I did and he was horrified. Don't forget this is weekend and they are weekend staff. Tomorrow weekday staff take over. Can you bring him his allowed food? Cyber hugs to you both.

  • i so wish i could but i cant be there with him as i have hospital appointments my self this week that i cant miss .

  • I know where you are coming from, been there done that SEVERAL TIMES.




  • My hospital is Kings too. As Tatjana said - it was weekend staff - may have even been agency staff - shouldn't be like it but it is - my daughter a nurse. She knows some nurses have gone part time or even left to go on agency as they can boost their income especially at weekend. Let's hope things improve - but you have to be pro-active. Good luck

  • Unfortunately this is eactly the same as our experiences with Kings πŸ˜“πŸ˜“ doctors/surgeons are fab but nursing staff were a disgrace !!!! I put in a very large complaint through 'PALs' and they didn't answer any of it !!!!! We also found out after complaint that vital info had been left out of his medical notes (like re-opening his transplant scar to 8cm before discharge) often went in and found his 'prograf and painkillers' on the table by bed (visiting is 2pm-8pm) so he wasn't having a 'morning dose' as they had been there since 8am ???? Ask to speak to PALs and they can go and speak with your husband and sort out any problems he is having when your not there xxxxxx I hope his experience improves 😘😘😘😘

  • So sorry that you are going through this. As the others have said it is probably agency staff who, to be blunt, do not have to be trained to the same specs as our traditional nurses. When I was in hospital a while back for something a weekend nurse literally flew over from Nigeria the week before. Great I thought agency nurses have to keep up their training so will be good in the long run. I was wrong. The woman was lovely and couldn't do enough for the patients, unfortunately she literally couldn't.

    She didn't understand half of the procedures or equipment and actually helped us patients to explain the problems to PALS lol.

    I would not have complained but as she pointed out, if the management don't know there is a problem they can't fix it and staff get frustrated as much as patients do.

    I gave this rather long winded explanation for two reasons. First I have been shown that complaining about staffing levels and over use of agency nurses (or bank nurses) is not an insult to them, but pressure on their behalf. If you can't complain for yourself then ask yourself if you can do it for the staff, or for the patient down the line who really suffers for this.

    Second, I have been on morphine again for a few days and it takes a while for my brain to catch up with my mouth (or in this case - fingers).

    I hope that your faith in the hospital is renewed quickly and hubby gets all of the care he deserves


  • Hi Treamber

    Very surprised actually, am under kings myself, at the liver unit, they are usually up to scratch hope your husband gets better care Annette

  • Dear Treamber,

    Like all, I would say it is possibly agency/temporary staff. It is really sad as it takes a few horrible ones to make all look bad. My husband, after transplant, had a couple of terrible nurses - they were agency - but he was so distraught by them that he couldn't see what the good ones were doing...

    It would benefit the liver ward more if you did complain as it may kick start the process to get some decent staff in...

    lots of love,


  • Hello again πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ I see that many of you have said 'agency nurses' πŸ˜” - I was a RN (before giving it up to look after hubby) and agency nurses are trained very well - this is not an excuse !!! ALL nurses are supposed to follow our 'code' and should always deliver the best patient care !!!! Sorry - I just get cross when people say 'oh they are agency' - they are still NURSES and are mostly paid double than permanent staff. It should never be an excuse - I would encourage anyone that has a bad experience with any nurse to say something - it is the only way it will ever change 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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