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Just a quick update. Had my bloods done the other day. January saw a ggt of270 and a few other high numbers. My ggt is now down to 159 and only one other reading is slightly elevated. I'm working out, eating clean, zero alcohol since December. It all works people. Educate others. Make sure they realise the liver will only take so much abuse. Maybe I've been lucky that I can reverse some of the damage. I'm not saying I'm out of the woods yet but things are going in the right direction . Another 6 months of abstaining and things hopefully will be better again and off the authorities watch list for work :)

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  • Good for you, keep it up. Annette !!

  • Thank you

  • No problem keep well. Annette

  • Hi I am like you, started with raised ggt for about six month's, last but one had risen to 185 and got results this week down to 133, it can still fluctuate as it had been down to 125 but cholesterol was 8.2 now also down to 7.2 so I wonder if that has Amy effect on it, have lost about ten pounds and going gym and swimming regular, I don't have a diagnosis yet though do you

  • losing weight-exercise-it all helps-diet less so in my experience-cholesterol coming down is a good sign of improving liver function

  • yep-could take along time for ggt to come down but if you're feeling good-don't worry about it too much and if no symptoms-all the better

  • Sounds brilliant!

    Lots of love,


  • It all sounds good. I'm 48 and had a high GGT level of 129 three months ago in a blood test. I completely stopped drinking and the GGT dropped to 16 plus a few other positive results. I think diet might have a lot to do with things and have been eating super healthily. Hope all goes well for you and let us know the results. These forums are very important!

  • Thank you. I'm hoping mine will eventually return to normal although I'm slightly doubtful. Ill be back when I do m next readings in July. Let's see if I can get into double figures for first time in 20yrs . I'm eating well, working out, and avoiding all alcohol. Cheers

  • further to my earlier posts, the plot thickens. Had a blood test on 25th april which showed high alt, ast, ggt. etc. Had a blood test mid may showed still all reducing nicely in line with januarys results. So to say im surprised by the april results is an understatement. anyway, decided to go privately and get it sorted and get to bottom of it once and for all. Now seeing a liver specialist, and doing a 3 month plan to get accurate readings of bloods and LFT etc. 9 vials given last week checking for everything to known to man I think. Had ultrasound yesterday which, showed NO liver fat (or very little) build up and no tumours or lumps etc. Dr who did scan said looks relatively ok and nothing untoward in his professional opinion. Blood flow good to liver too with no abnormalities. BUT, I have rather a few gallstones, which I wasnt even aware of. They never give me hassle. Im now wondering if these can give the dodgy liver function test results if im eating food high in fat (too big a serving at once too etc)

    So, will wait for further test results (poss biopsy next?) and see what specialist recommends. I feel great in myself, losing weight and down under 12st for the first time in years. I shoudlnt really be on this forum if my liver isnt as bad as I thought. But anyway, something is still amiss to be giving me the dodgy LFT results. Will let you know what they find once I know myself.

    Oh, just to add, im not allowed to drink alcohol, but also get this, im not allowed to eat :- chocolate, sweets, cake, sucrose in any form, deep or shallow fried food, honey, so not happy about that!!!! What a miserable existence.

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