Well the assessment seemed to go ok, but there was one thing picked up this time which was also picked up on my last assessment . One 0f my heart valves does a double open now and again. How ever this was not a problem last time so I do not expect it to be this time. It seems my disease is back, so a transplant is definitely on , all I need is the second stage of the assessment. Once this is done I shall not go back to work again, at 66 it time to retire. That reminds me I must dig out my little book of names and addresses I still. have a few names and addresses to look up...lol.. Take care all

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  • Glad it went okay and fingers crossed for the second part, and enjoy your retirement x

  • Fingers and toes crossed for you. Good luck. Defo retirement time, :-D x

  • Thank you dizzime, the trouble is I am always active and will find it hard to slow down..

  • Its amazing what you find to do. I don't know how I fitted everything in when I was working. Busier now then ever. Have now got a little allotment too as well as a new garden and of course there is all the socialising I've got to do. Lol. Im sure you'll find lots to do to keep you busy. Good luck :-D

  • Hi, I love to see a well kept garden but suffer hay fever. But I take your point at finding things to do...

  • Glad the assessment went well and let's hope you don't have long to wait until all of this is behind you.

  • Thank you mrsmerlin. I'm sure all will be ok...

  • So glad all went well for you Brummi hope it continues i can't believe you still have little. Black Book, you may as well go ahead and make use of it, lol !!

  • Dear Brummi,

    We seemed to had been cycling around since the mention of relisting - following a number of 'tick box' things he finally got listed - been just over a week...

    I do wish you all the best and hope that this 2nd stage does not take too long.

    Yours truly,


  • Hi, It seems to be the same all around really. I am sure all will be good for you and your husband. I'm hopeful to go on the list but also I will wait my turn. I'm sure . I mean this..Good luck to you both..

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