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Stage 2 of the assessment


I just go back after two days of pre assessment and the Queen Elizabeth

Great staff but absolutely worn out

I was promised a result on Friday, but the scan results did not get done in time and I now have a further one booked for next Friday so I may know on the following Friday

I am am confused to how I feel worried, excited, sad, my appetite has gone, think it stress. No banned from driving so travelling 80 miles to each appointment is a nightmare

I could do with crying but it wont come

These a just a few words to help me carry on

My thoughts are with all those suffering


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Dear David,

It is a long road ahead and many road bumps along the way... Each journey is very individual - however we all share very similar experiences - my husband has described exactly what you are going through and says he often felt nothing... If you have HE then your feelings will be blurred by this... All I can say is that it is natural to be feeling this way and before you know it you will be posting us your transplant experiences...

Here's sending you plenty of positive energy,



When I was ill I had about 100 miles or more to travel to Kings. I was able to do this by private car paid and organised by the hospital.


How did you mAnage to get them to do that for you? Hubby has to go to Birmingham from Reading.??


Oh, I can't remember the exact procedure but it was initially suggested by the hospital staff post transplant. Although I know it's difficult to get the information because when you meet with the medical staff they often don't have a clue.

This is how I would go about it at Kings kch.nhs.uk/gps/patient-tran... I think this might be the equivalent page for Birmingham uhb.nhs.uk/patient-transpor...

"Patients are required to make their own arrangements to travel to and from hospital."

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Thank you. I don't drive and hubby can't and sometimes it's so stressful by public transport and taxis are expensive. I will ask the team when we are up there in 2 weeks. Xx


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