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I have fatty liver


8 years ago, I had a liver biopsy and doctor told me that I have fatty liver. Recently I am getting leg cramps. And back pain soon after I eat some thing... I am tired of going to doctors explaining this back pain. Now I use to live with that. I had number of test and still no medication or correct diagnose, only the fatty liver 8 years ago. Any advice or comments ..... :)

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I'm sorry your not getting anywhere with your Drs. I was recently diagnosed with a fatty liver too. Initially, I thought I must've had gallstones, because it hurt in the upper front, side, and through the back. A lot of it depended on what type of food I ate, such as fatty food and red meat. In my case, they suggested I lose weight and that should reverse the condition. I don't know of any medication that is usually given for fatty liver aside from dietary changes...if I'm wrong hopefully someone will correct me. Anyway, could weight be a factor in your case? But, if it's been eight years since any tests were done on your liver and you feel your getting worse, if I were you I would find another Dr., who is going to give you the attention you deserve. By the way, I'm on Cholestyramine (not to be gross) for chronic diarrhea, but the GI Dr. said it would also help with the fatty liver. I've also heard mention of others taking it to get relief from itching caused by their liver disease. Sorry I'm not much help, but I wish you well!


Hi Jean43,

Thank you for your response. Yes it was 8 years ago Doctors did a biopsy and conclude my uncomfortable upper abdomen due to fatty liver, after that I had couple of lever blood tests to check the liver enszymes (aspartate aminotransferase -AST or SGOT and alanine aminotransferase - ALT or SGPT). With in this 8 years period all the blood tests show that I have "RED" level of this enzymes. But no medication or any advice from the doctors and they just monitor the enzyme level.

To try some thing I started running :) and now I a long distance runner (did three times and plan to run the coming one in next week).

But pain does not seems to be changing... soon after I eat feels a back pain, some times get leg cramps.

Now I am more likely a vegetarian and avoid fatty food, just to try something else.


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