hi my name is rebbeca

i was diagnosed with 3 liver hemoangiomas 4 years ago. one has grew in size to 7cm, i can no longer exercise due to pain from my liver area. i was a keen runner and feel the simple things in life have been taken away. i now face the option of surgery and want to know if anyone has been threw liver hemoangioma removal. so scared of what the future holds and want to be in the best care of best doctors.At present i am researching best hospitals for my surgery. does anyone have any information

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  • Hi Rebecca, I don't know anything about your particular condition, but i do know that the consultant I see is at King's Hospital in London, which is apparently the centre of excellence for liver treatments. I have found them to be very thorough so far. I am not sure where you are living, and I'm sure there are equally good hospitals around the country, but from my personal experience King's would be my choice. Good luck with everything. K

  • Thank you so much for your comment, have read kings is a great hospital. I live in glasgow and would happily travel to get best care, my condition is benign, but one of my hemoangiomas has grew in size and might need removing, has been a blow to my life, havent been coping since september last year since finding out it had grew. was diagnosed 4 years ago at first. not been running for about 8months due to pain. doctor said they could remove it, or could scan again in june to see if its grew, but want to do the best thing about it, scared of surgery and not waking up from it an also dont want to live the rest of my life from scan to scan has it grew. Am only 40years or age and have a son of 4 just want to be here for him growing up. rebbeca

  • Hi Rebecca. I'm guessing these are benign tumours on/in your liver? I'm just going out (to see my liver specialist ironically!) so will answer more fully later, but this is to reassure you that you can have quite a bit of your liver (and the haemangioma) removed surgically and your liver will miraculously regrow and repair. I have a friend in her 20s who had a 20cm tumor removed and the liver regrew. It takes a while to get back to full fitness, but she is running and travelling abroad again and in a new relationship - there is a wonderful future for you too, without the haemangioma!

    I had a 'small' resection where just a portion of one liver segment removed but I was out of hospital again in 4 days.

    I'll be back later.

  • PS I had my surgery locally to me in Manchester, so no need to travel. There are excellent liver centres around the uK, I'll let you know where in a bit when I get back from clinic.

  • Has embolization to reduce the tumour size been offered as an alternative to surgery Rebecca?

    The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh looks, on paper, a better centre for liver surgery than the Glasgow Royal. At Edinburgh they have a team of surgical staff who are trained up to transplant level, whereas Glasgow's speciality seems to be colorectal surgery within the gastroenterology team.

    Here's a link to the top guys at Edinburgh:


  • Thank you bolly for taking the time to comment, surgeon said there is side effects of imflamation an might make my symptoms worse of doing embolization. going to think carefully what to do next, want the best care and trust in my surgeon.So really greatful for your advice, would travel anywhere to get the best care.If i wait till next scan maybe it would have stop growing. Am on propanolol for anxiety because or this and has helped take the pain on my liver away. rebecca

  • Sounds like you already have a surgeon who understands your case and has your best interests in mind. If you feel happy with the surgeon, then stick with him, no reason to move to a different hospital. Hemangiomas seem to be not uncommon but obviously the larger they get the more they impact on other organs around the liver. Take your time deciding, ask as many questions as you need and eventually the answer to whether to opt for surgery is the right one will pop into your head.


  • Hello I have been researching hospitals as last op on spleen and it was complicated and surgeon unfortunately went into pancreas and now very scared as apparently have a nodule which is pressing on gallbladder which hurts like a dull ache. Yet to have further investigation. I have a 18 year old daughter who is going through rough time and I want to support her but sometimes my energy levels are low.

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