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hi, 6 years ago my dad passed away due to hep c, he wasnt aware he had it so none of us really got much of a chance to say good bye properly.

since then i have wanted to help people with the same condition, i have a few friends who are suffering with it at the moment and can see their struggle in day to day life, and recently another good friend of mine passed away suddenly due to the same thing.

i would like to say that if there is anyone in west wales who would need help in anyway ie washing up, cleaning, things like that. to contact me i understand its hard to ask for help and nhs funding is low. so i am literally just someone wanting to help in whatever way possible. all i ask is my travel payed for as i myself am not financially able to fund it

i am also in no way judgemental as i understand the condition and the causes it may of had.

so please if needed reply to this post or email me on

R x

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A generous offer R. I would suggest removing your email and let people message you via the private message system on here. Click on the ‘V’ next to your username, then click ‘Messages’ in the drop down menu. Also if you do get job offers this way it might be an idea to consider insurance, as their home will become your place of work. Liver4Life charity were looking for people to man their helpline, have you thought of that as another way of helping?


do not know much about hep.c but feel very sorry for you. i had hep.e & still showing symptoms after over 2 months-got chest infection as well which slowed symptoms down. since then i have decided to look on positive side & became a fund raiser for the British Liver Trust. my main aim is to spread more awareness of such diseases-no doubt 6 years ago no one knew what hep.c was, even today not many people know, even professionals, my Dr was not aware of Hep.e, i am constantly explaining to people. if you would like to give what you can to help, this would be a great way of remembering you Dad, please do so at

thank you & best of luck, your Dad would be proud of you


have you tried


Good Morning,

I am sorry to hear about your dad passing and more recently your friend. Your offer of support for people affected by hepatitis C is very kind.

The Trust is running our Love Your Liver roadshow again this year and if we are local- ish you could possibly volunteer? Alternatively have you thought about joining a support group or setting one up and helping that way? If you private message me you location, I could give you more information on what is going on/ available in your area.

Alternatively, you could contact the West Wales Blood Bourne Virus service who provide support locally, as they may have some volunteering opportunities: , Claire Chester: 07900 901127 and Julie Amsbury: 07792 997703.

If you have some time we are always looking for people to review (look through some of our information and give your opinion on its design and content), this maybe a way of helping and fitting it in around the other things you do?

As Bolly mentioned, please be careful about giving out/ posting your personal info for everyone to see, if you do volunteer your time for someone locally please take safety precautions if you do not know the person.

Kind Regards

Sandy Forsyth

Patient Support and Information Manager


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