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Can I ask if anyone has experienced problems after diagnosis with getting diarrhoea?

Not sure if it is connected to the condition as I had it as a symptom last year when I was diagnosed. Have been reasonably well since then but started to suffer with upset stomach last couple of weeks and had very bad diarrhoea this evening.

Could it be connected to AIH?

Should I get it checked out & consult a doctor or should I just let it be?

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Hi, My diarrhoea was connected to my PBC, the blocked bike ducts do not produce enough Bile to digest fat and food...


Hi sah. You ask if the diarrhoea is connected to a diagnosis but you dont add what the diagnosis was. Have you just been diagnosed with AIH and are on medication for the AIH?


I was diagnosed a year ago and had no problems since then until last week. I got a fright because it was just like it was in hospital when I had jaundice. I am okay again now though. Thanks for all the advice, it's reassuring to know it's a common symptom and not just me! Thanks :)


Dear Sah27,

I am sorry to hear your experiencing some problems. A common symptom of AIH is passing loose or more frequent bowel movements (diarrhoea).

Unfortunately our current publication does not mention this however the new edition, which we are currently working on, does mention this. If you would like to read our current information it can be found on our website: Or alternatively the Patient UK website has some information on AIH:

Kind regards

Sandy Forsyth

Patient Support and Information Manager

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