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Hi All,

I had a liver transplant some 4 months ago and was surprised at the lack of support in my area both before and after my transplant in terms of mental support and generally just talking to people in a similar situation. I found I really needed this support but had nowhere to turn. As such I am in the process of setting up a support group for those people with liver issues, providing an environment to talk and gain support from each other. I have just had a successful meeting with The British Liver Trust and Southend Hospital in order to spread the word of the group. Are any of you interested in coming to such a group? It will be based in central southend but open to all including family members etc. If it is something you maybe interested in attending please message me so I can gauge interest. Thank you for reading this and good luck on your journeys.


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From one seaside resort (Blackpool) to another, I wish you success with this. Having someone to chat to is very helpful for transplanted and their families. Best wishes for your venture. Mike


We have a liver support group at St James' in Leeds and North West. I don't know where I would be without it...we support pre and post transplant patients.... They helped me before when I was so scared and confused and after when I was feeling vulnerable. If you need any advice I could pass the details of the lady who has run it for many years. Good luck


Wishing you all the very best with your group & the support you will be offering. Invaluable project :)


I wouldn't be able to attend as I'm in Chelmsford and transport is tricky for me, but I'd certainly be willing to help get the word out there for you! Feel free to PM me with details if you like, and I can both write a blog about it and email The Chronicle :)


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