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stroke relating to cirrhosis

hi all

i have posted on here before last year after i had been placed in an induced coma. i had made slow but good progress till 2 weeks ago when i was admitted to hospital with confusion and forgetfulness which we thought was a build up of toxins (i have been admitted before for toxins). anyway they done a brain scan as 2 weeks before i had split my head open, it came back that i had suffered a mini stroke. i found out through my own research that the liver is responsible for levelling your cholestrol and it produces more at night, i was wondering has anyone else suffered a stroke due to liver disease....

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Just wondering if you are on both Lactulose and Rifaximin for your HE symptoms (confusion and forgetfulness due to toxins)? My hubby hasn't gone into full blown HE episodes but they've said there is a suggestion of HE and started him on Rifaximin on top of his 40ml of lactulose daily.



yes they started me on them when i was in 2 weeks ago. but they causing me to swell and i felt worse


Hi, I had no idea that liver disease could cause stroke, and I have to say it makes me wonder about a little episode I had back in February. I woke up early with excrutiating pain in my right lung area, I could'nt breathe so attempted to have a couple of huge coughs then there was a wierd inflating sound..if you can remember what those black rubber baloons sounded like when reinflated, the pain stopped and I could breathe again. After this I had a dull ache in my upper chest and during the day it moved up the side of my neck and into the back of my head. I went to see the gp she said it was muscular skeletal....however since this episode, I can't remember what I have been reading, my spelling has become awful and sometimes I spell words backwards, and I forget words sometimes.....I wonder if this was more than a muscular thing. I don't have an appointment with a consultant yet and have not seen one in 7 months. I just did not know that stroke was possible with liver disease.


Hi, i am not saying it was completely responsible but due to liver controlling cholesterol and that sometimes being a cause of a stroke that was reason i mentioned it. Not sure if this will put your mind at rest or not but you generally have no pain with a stroke and it definitely didn't cause me breathing problems and i have asthma. You sound like your experiencing HE symptons i would ring your consultants secretary up and mention problems you have and they will be passed on and hopefully he will bring your appointment forward. Let me know how you get on x


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