Stroke following liver disease

Hi everyone, haven't been on here for a while. My husband (Hep C and chirrosis) suffered a major stroke in August last year and is now in permanent care in a nursing home. It appears that the liver issues have all gone into the background (he was 2 weeks off finishing 6 month Harvoni course) when he had the stroke. Has anyone out there had experience with ischemic strokes on top of the liver issues? Would love to hear from you - Joleigh x

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  • I don know much about this yet , but a few people have had strokes after treatment. I think this is becoming a bigger issue, in the states where its been used for longer some people are banding together for a legal action. The big question is would these people have had strokes anyway . I will try and find out more for you .

  • I think the stroke happened not as a result of treatment but more likely as a result of a combination of many factors and the body being exhausted.thanks for your reply x

  • Another lady was posting on here for a while, her hubby had Hep C and was listed for a T/P for 2 years. I am not sure of the running order of when he had his Hep C treatment but think it was after his stroke. He had a stroke after a TIPSS procedure, leading to him being delisted for transplant, I think he then had Hep C treated and cleared however due to the strokes was unable to be relisted for transplant (Edinburgh said no & they appealed to Newcastle for a review and they too said no). Sadly the gentleman has subsequently passed away after being returned to the care of local gastroenterologists only.

    Stroke seems to occur pretty regularly after TIPSS procedure though isn't commonly listed as a potential risk of the procedure.


  • Thanks Katie it just all seems unknown at the moment and one day at a time. Not sure if I want answers or just to connect with others in a similar situation. He also has dementia so I know he is not in a good spot.

  • my mrs has cirrhosis osteoporosis tipps and had a stroke

    she had a tipps in 07 and has been problem free, last october she had a large bleed stroke and was in hospital 6 weeks then developed hepatic encephalopathy

    it is hard to say what was the strokes has left or the HE's

    hang in there jo it is often said but it is true 'one day at a time'

  • A study was recently published about the association of strokes and Cirrhosis from what I remember people with cirrhosis had about twice the likelihood of an ischemic stroke as someone without cirrhosis.

  • Hi joliegh as above I have had tipps procedure done and a year after I had a stroke as well at first it was mistaken for H.E and was only found I had suffered one because my consultant asked for a brain scan, I was in hospital for around a month and it took me about 9 months to get over it. I did recover and have had a transplant. It does seem to be quite a common occurrence stokes and cirrhosis.

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