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Having your blood tested

I found this really useful site regarding having your blood tested. I have had some bad experiences where a phlebotomist has not done their job properly. Also, it is important to understand what I can do as a patient that will make the entire experience less dramatic and help the phlebotomist to do their job.

Personally, as I have HCV, it worries me how many phlebotomists do not wear gloves and use pillows to rest your arm on without some throw away barrier underneath my arm that rests on the pillow...also, they never use alcohol swabs anymore to wipe the site where needle goes in...hopefully, they really do wash their hands before and after each patient..before tapping around for my lousy veins then puncturing my skin with a needle to draw blood. It does vary greatly between GP surgeries...I thought the NHS had standard protocol regarding transmitting diseases...I always tell the phlebotomists I have HCV before they take seems a few do not know what HCV is....The Hospital phlebotomists I have gone to always wear gloves and know what HCV ...without exception, they mention it before taking my blood.

I do insist the phlebotomist at GP surgery wears gloves and feel justified afterward as I walk past a room full of patients, who are still waiting to have their blood is not worth taking even the slightest risk..what if that was a member of my family waiting to have their blood tests done next? Even if there is the slightest risk of transmitting HCV to other people it should not be taken, esp by healthcare professionals. I just wanted to get that off my chest.

Here's the link...hope it helps if your GP surgeries does not give any information to follow before having a blood test. These are just my opinions and I do not want to worry anyone regarding blood tests as it is very minimal, the risk of either transmitting or contracting HCV in this way.

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i never thought of this type thing, a very important issue!


Dear Art4949 This is brilliant advice and very helpful information - thank you for posting it.

best wishes Andrew

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