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End stage alcoholic cirrhosis diagnosed 3 years ago

Hello everyone, i was wondering if there was anything new out there that could slow down the progression of liver cirrhosis i was maybe missing out on? Also, has anyone found they get confused whenever they take protein tablets...? I,m child pugh c as of 3 years ago and havent been back to specialist since then due to mental problems etc. I havent even left the house for over 2 years (don,t even go to my mums for christmas anymore and cant explain to her and the rest of family why). My GP knows less than i do so cant help although he regularly offers to come to the house. I,m worried about my mental state at the moment and am thinking i may get to the stage where i cant work out things logically.

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Hi from what you have said, you really should explain to your family how you feel, you never know they could be a massive support to you at this time, also to your doctor, if he doesn't understand then ask him to refer you to a specialist doctor who will be able to he!p you, its a shame not to be able to leave your house, are you living alone or do you have support at home, I don't know of anything that can slow down progression of cirrohiss, except abstinence from alchohol, lose weight if overweight, eat healthy, exercise like walking, which obviously you can't do because of other problems, don't suffer in silence, tell people who can help you, sorry don't know anything about protein tablets, let us know how you get on take care Annette


Thankyou, Angse. In my GP's defense, i was referred to a specialist prior to my first 6 week stint in hospital which is when i was diagnosed with end stage cirrhosis and since then apart from a couple of emergency stays in hospital i havent seen or spoken to any medical staff and even got sectioned a year ago for trusting the system and telling 2 mental doctors who barged in to the house in the middle of the night for someone elses enjoyment. I,m not a threat to anyone and was led astray by my landlord who used me for his own entertainment...its a long story, but, right now i would probably qualify for sectioning without any help from those around me. I feel mentally vulnerable to whatever lifes got in store for me with no friends to help that i haven,t disaccociated From due to shame of my status and lack of selfrespect. Same goes for my rather disappear than let them see me like i am.


Hi please don't feel ashamed, of feeling the way you do, there is nothing to be ashamed of, its a hard life and we all have things in our life that is so very difficult to deal with, and we all need help along the way, of course you feel vulnerable its so hard when you feel as you do, but it is so much better to confide in someone then go it alone, if you haven't seen any doctor about your liver, it would be wise to do that to, just to see where you are, Annette


Hello H1ghtower - sorry to hear how you are feeling :( :( - my hubby had hep c cirrhosis and from what I learnt during his illnesss was that when the liver is unable to process normally it can build up 'toxins'. When these 'toxins' build up it can make you feel very confused, disorientated, aggressive, sleepy - drs prescribed 'lactulose' as somehow the toxins bind to this and are taken from the body by having a poo. One of the Liver Nurses also said to limit the amounts of protein as it can cause the toxins to build up. As you mentioned you are 'child Pugh C' so you may of heard of 'Hepatic Encepholopathy' - this might be making you feel the way you do. Perhaps with 'lactulose' things may seem a bit clearer. I can sympathise with your shame and wanting to 'disappear' - but this is not helping your situation - you don't need to do this alone !!! Perhaps you could speak with your local 'crisis' team initially and then perhaps a 'liver specialist nurse'. They are not judging you - they just want to help you - as your family and friends probably do but you haven't given them that choice.

Please please let someone help you - best wishes and big hugs xxxxxxxxxx

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