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AIH - Drug Free Remission?

Just been to see liver consultant.

(I have AIH/PBC Overlap Syndrome - Diagnosed 2011).

Currently on 100mg of Aza for the AIH and he's going to try and wean me off 25mg at a time every 6 months to see if I can stay in remission. 40% chance of success so let's hope I'm in the minority for something positive. I'm always optimistic and a half glass full kinda woman. Anyone out there with experience of being weaned off

Azathioprine and their experiences - good or bad..... X

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I hope it goes really well for you. I have a similar dx as you, and I may be trying similar in a year or so. My hep dr seems in two minds for me but we'll see. My greatest 'fear' in all that would be having to go back on high dose steroids (if remission didn't work) as I found it ghastly. But I don't like the immunosuppressant that much either so I'll probably do the trail too when I get to that stage.


That's exactly how I feel. Would love to be off it for life but concerned that I may have to go through the steroid route again. A wee bit of me hopes that if it is not going to work my bloods start going up again before I fully come off the Aza so that they can up the doze and I don't have to go through all the steroids again. Staying positive. X


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