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Diagnosed with AIH in Jan 2013 and suffering with leg muscle fatigue in upper thighs and lower back. Does anyone recognise these symptoms and can they offer reassurance that remission and the withdrawal of steroids will alleviate this situation? Can I do anything to help myself rather than just sitting and fretting about not being able to walk far, ie shopping etc.

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Hello Carol141,

It seems from the content of your query that you are already on steroids for the AIH in which event it has been my own experience that those kinds of aches and pains you describe are normally reduced and many people feel fairly re invigorated. However when the steroids are reduced arthralgia and joint and muscle pains are fairly common which is why they are usually reduced very gradually so as to reduce those adverse effects. However they should and do eventually disappear and they certainly did in my case and I have since been able to rebuild my fitness levels up to a stage where I am running and cycling moderate length distances again despite the AIH having advanced to de compensated cirrhosis.

I say this with respect but in my view It doesn't seem to be a good idea for you to sit and fret about the difficulties you are encountering because that may only be making you feel worse due to the concentration of your mind on the aches and pains which in fact seems to be the case. Most medical advice is that liver disease sufferers should try to exercise as much as they can and it does not be vigorous as in my case, but just gently i.e. on a slowly slowly basis. When you walk to do your shopping and if you do not do so already then do so slowly and take frequent breaks, and have you considerered perhaps using a walking pole (preferably two) to assist you with your forward momentum and take some of the body weight off your hurting joints etc while at the same time also exercising your arms? .

Just my personal view because only you will know what is right for you.

I hope you can find some relief quickly and good luck in your fight against the disease.



Hello again carol 141,

Apologies for the errors I have just observed in my post of a few minutes ago and also for the repetitous use of the word 'reduced' but hope you will get the gist of what I meant?.

Unfortunately a case of transmitting my post before checking it for mistakes.


Thank you very much for your encouraging words, I can see a few things I can look at to help. I've thought of sticks as the shopping trolley is very useful, but when I need to stop because of the pain, I prefer to sit to relieve the pressure. I look round for a seat. Shopping is a bit of a nightmare at the moment, but I'm sure it will gradually get easier. Thank you again.


Hi, you can get a triangular shaped walking frame with a flip down seat. They can look a bit grannyfied but I painted mine in bright colours and reupholstered the seat and it's unrecognisable now. I use this on my really good days and it does help. I hope you both find an effective medication regime

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Thank you so much I will certainly consider it going to try walking sticks just to see how I get on once again thanks


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