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lost scan

Prior to a gall bladder op I was given a scan as the consultant said my pain 'was not indicative of gall bladder pain' I had the scan in oct 13 ... I heard nothing, dec 13 gall bladder removed.

Fast forward to now and I'm in a lot of pain in that area once again LFTs raised (57) antismooth muscle antibodies detected and high lgA immunoglobulin.

I was told I was being referred back to general surgery in april but was then 'lost in the system', the scan I had done last year is nowhere to be found either.

Therefore I have been placed on the regular 18 week waiting list to see a specialist there is nothing available at St James Leeds until october ... So very worried, should I press for them to find/repeat the lost scan in the hope it speeds things along?


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Dear kizzy40,

I am sorry to hear that you are again in a lot of pain.

With regards to your scan, what are they looking for? Are they scanning your liver?

Because you are in pain and you have the Smooth muscle antibodies detected in your blood , along with raised LFT’s, I would strongly recommend asking to be referred to a liver specialist either a gastroenterologist or hepatologist depending on who looks after the liver at your local hospital.

As you have been waiting since the begging of the year and you are in pain I would ask you GP to refer you sooner than 18 weeks if possible, only because you have been waiting a long time already. If you are not happy with care you received from the hospital, I would suggest either asking to be referred to another hospital or contact the PALS department as often they can have more influence over the care you receive.

I hope that is of some help?

Kind regards

Sandy Forsyth

Patient Support and Information Manager


Thankyou for your reply Sandy, I don't know what they were looking for apart from a reason for the flank pain. A pelvic scan ( done in june to check ovaries for POS) found a right duplex kidney, Dr suggested another scan to look again... heard nothing as yet from that either.

Seeing a colon specialist today as have had blood there, maybe they will be able to get things done/found? I really hope so, totally fed up.

Thanks for the info on PALS will look into that too.

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Hello seen a hepatologist and he told me I have had a fibro scan when I asked, I haven't. He also said that I have a fatty liver and the letter I received following my consultation stated I would be forwarded some diet info ( I never got that) and I would be seen again in 6 months.

Totally fed up, might contact PALS as I feel I'm being totally ignored here and told rubbish, I waited weeks for that app and was in and out in minutes, one scan says my kidneys are fine then the right one appears duplex too which after me pointing it out has prompted...yes, another scan that took all of 30 seconds.

As far as I know I've not had a GGT test just ALT/AST should I ask for that?



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