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Low Sodium

Has anyone else had this? I am 75 and have lupus/gout/high blood pressure/ acid reflux/irritable bladder and a cough and now the last two blood tests showed low sodium (low electrolytes). Doctor thinks it might be caused by medication but doesn't want to take me off them. He also mentioned Lupus flare up/spread to the kidneys. I have another blood test in 3 weeks to see if salt level gone up. I d drink alcohol and wonder if this is a factor and/or reacting with the medication. We breed cats and my wife says that low electrolytes in older cats can be a sign of liver and kidney disease but it may not be the same in humans. My doctor actually looked up how to treat Hyponatreamia which I think is low sodium on patient uk. Should I be worried?

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hi I had low sodium levels effecting my balance. Afterseveral falls low blood pressure and other symptoms I was admitted into hospital . They found the problem was caused by the high level of water tablets [duretics]. excuse spelling.


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