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Achy joints with liver disease?

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My husband was diagnosed with alcoholic liver disease in Feb, was in hosp 3 weeks, had an ascites drain, he is now back at work, eating like a horse, no alcohol since, all blood tests 'normal', he's just on 50mg spiro & omeprazole daily. He's felt fine until

2 weeks ago, he says his fingers, arms, neck & legs ache. I thought he was overdoing the exercise bike & weights he has got to build himself back up, but he's not done

any this week and still aches? Any ideas?

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I had the same as your husband including the ascites drain. About 3-4 weeks after I got out of hospital my whole body started aching. Every joint. I think I posted on here about it at the time.

I still don't know what caused it but in the end I put it down to my body healing. It got worse before it got better but one year on, I no longer ache!

I am still sober too.

So hopefully it is just his body recovering. Congratulations on his sobriety and best wishes.

Just wanted to add if it gets really bad, ring the consultant or see a doctor obviously.

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Thanks for the reply JoJo, I will pass it on to him tonight, I guess the body does take a long time to recover after such a big body shock, all the best to you too and thanks again x

Hi, I was in hospital over a year ago with alcoholic cirrhosis and had the same when I came out with the aching. Was mainly in the ankles and the fingers, it took a long time but slowly got better. I too no longer drink and glad to hear your husband is getting better. It does take a while but he will get there. All the best.

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Thanks nbee, will pass this on to him, and well done, all the best to you x

I get knee joint and shoulder /arm pains. Sure mine is recovery from muscle wastage, I did loose 2.5 stone initially. Building it back up is really hard, and it does hurt. I am not one for formal exercise so I have been decorating ( knees, shoulders and ladder) not a good mix, and walking the dog. Some days knees are now better in the a.m. Mine did not start initially on trying to recover, but guess as you push yourself more they tell you about it.

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I think that completely makes sense Bermuda, he has lost a lot of weight, so I guess eating a lot more and excersising It's going to hurt as the body tries to repair, best of luck to you, and thanks again x

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Thank you and good luck to both of you. You are his guardian angel. I have one too and feel so lucky. Time, no booze and good diet, plus an awful lot of patience.

Watch the spironolactone. It can cause muscle weakness.

My husband has been diagnosed with NASH - he has had a tips procedure due to recurrent ascetis - He is now responding well to spironolactone but has lost a lot of weight muscle strength and has days when he is in severe pain and cannot eat. Has anyone else out there been through this? The fluid seems less to me but not to him - can it be he is sensitised to it?

Would welcome to know there is somebody out there who has experienced the same - His liver is functioning well but damaged

Hi Ali my husband to has re currant ascites he gets drained every 3 weeks and can't have diuretics because they caused his kidney to fail he to has muscle waste but is slowly starting to gain weight and strength he needs this strength for transplant he failed in November on fitness so hoping when we get there again they will let him have assessment again he to gets severe pain and cramps and can't walk without frame it all went very quick diagnosed in March 2014 loads of complications in hospital to many to write almost lost him twice but he's still fighting and as long as they are still fighting he will get there keep the faith and stay strong 7 months I was lost wondering how to tell my kids they might lose there dad at 45 now he's determined to stay with us and fights every day and he's made me a stronger woman everyone is different with the ascites some get them some don't and it should slow down if he's had tips they have not considered that for my husband just that he needs transplant don't worry to much life will be like a roller coaster until he will be well again our favourite saying is " it is what it is" u and him will get through take care and try tens machine for pain relief works for my husband God bless u both xx

Spironolactone is your culprit. Muscle cramps, painful gynecomastia ( man boobs) and wasting are very common and well known complications of spironolactone. Try amelioride instead. It doesn’t have the potassium sparing quality of spironolactone but the cramping will usually cease within a few days of stopping spironolactone and subbing with amelioride. Equivalent dosing is easy to achieve by consulting your prescriber ( doctor) and / or pharmacy . Hope this helps!! Let me know if successful if you try this.

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