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What is causing this pain??

My GP arranged a liver scan for me,I had my gallbladder removed two years ago because of gallstones and have been in pain since. The scan came back clear and my GP is baffled. All the surrounding organs are ok and the abdominal wall. The pain is towards the right hand side and is intermittent but has been bad enough to wake me in the night.

Has anyone else had this sort of pain??

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Hi beaton. Sorry to hear a years on from your other post about post op pain you are still suffering. Looks like you have tried the elimination diet route, did gluten free make any difference. Have you tried gallbladder forums, there are some if you 'google'. Can't give you an answer I'm afraid and I think your medical history with other health issues and presume meds you take for these clouds the issue.


Hi Bolly,thanks for replying.The pain I'm getting isn't the same as post op gallbladder. The meds. I'm on are only T3. I never thought of a gallbladder forum,thanks for the suggestion.


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